How to regenerate activated carbon

Regenerative activated carbon filters in extractor hoods

How can activated carbon filters in extractor hoods be regenerated?

Reusability is the trend and is sorely needed in view of the exploitation of our planet. Even with the activated carbon filters in extractor hoods, the principle of multiple use is gradually taking hold. Several methods have now been developed with which the filters can be easily regenerated in private households. These primarily include the following:

  • Cleaning in the dishwasher and subsequent drying
  • Thermal reactivation in the furnace

The activated charcoal filters in extractor systems only serve to reduce odors. There is always a separate grease filter for separating grease in the steam. The carbon in the filter cassettes is usually contained in granulate form. Their absorbing effect is exhausted after a certain time and the granules can no longer be absorbed.

The saturation with odor particles can be reversed in private households mainly through warmth. For this purpose, certain activated charcoal filters, which are explicitly designated for this, can be cleaned in the dishwasher in the intensive program at at least 65 ° C and then dried in the oven at around 100 ° C.

Purely thermal desaturation is also possible with some filters. These are placed in the oven without being in the dishwasher and heated to around 200 ° C. The filters can then be used again as before.

Limited regenerability

The joy of the environmentally friendly and cost-saving regenerable activated charcoal filters gets a little damper, however: because they are not made to last forever. The regenerability only works for a limited time, after which the capacity of the coal is finally exhausted. As a rule, regenerable activated carbon filters last around 2 to 4 years, depending on how often and intensively you use your extractor hood.

Filter cassettes for changing the carbon by yourself

A not really cheaper, but also reasonably environmentally friendly alternative to the regenerable filters are models in which you can replace the carbon granulate yourself. This means that the entire cassette does not have to be disposed of, the frame of which is usually still completely usable. For the sake of general waste of material and avoidance of waste, you can also use this option.

Caroline Strauss
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