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Education & profession

You cannot become a dietician with every school leaving certificate. For this school education you need at least a middle school diploma or an equivalent school education. You can also be admitted to the training as a dietician if you have a secondary school diploma or another 10-year school education and completed training.

In addition to the right degree, many technical schools also require further admission requirements, such as proof of your health or a police clearance certificate. You can find more detailed information at the respective vocational schools.

With good onesgrades You can definitely score points in biology and chemistry in this training. Good math skills can also be helpful when looking for an apprenticeship position. But even with poorer grades, you have a good chance of getting a training position as a dietician. It is important that your Strengthen fit with this training: When dealing with patients, it is important that you can work carefully and precisely and that you are a responsible person. Your persuasiveness is also required in this profession.

The profession of dietician is a medical and nursing profession, so you are usually in the environment Care and support are active. It is typical of this job that you have very irregular working hours and often have to work in shifts and on weekends. Business trips only occur in rare cases.

But not all dieticians are created equal. Yourwork environmentcan look very different, depending on which training company and in which area you work. Therefore, you should think carefully about which training company and which future field of work best suit you.