Shy boys like outgoing girls

Guys about party girls

Dancing, flirting, having fun - even girls like to let the pig out. Preferably together with the boys. But what they actually think of us when we really go crazy while partying, they prefer to tell themselves ...

Moritz (16): There is no stopping fun at all. Girls who just stand in the corner and chat with their friends annoy me. I don't even address such boring women.

Christoph (15): I want to have fun at a party. And of course the girl who is with me should take part. But this does not mean that it should let itself run.

Antonio (18): I think it's okay if my girlfriend has fun at a party and has a nice chat. But I would think it would be completely wrong if she danced on the table and completely misbehaved. After all, I don't do that either!

Sacha (16): I prefer to party with girls who can also let the pig out. You just have more fun with them. And isn't that what it's about when you're young? or not?

Fabian (15): I think girls who go about the dance floor and create a good atmosphere are great. But it is totally unsexy when they fill up senselessly and you have to take care of them all the time so that they don't drink too much alcohol. Alcohol is one of them, but only in moderation.

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Every second girl has been on a diet at some point. Completely okay or should you stand by your figure? Five guys have their say.

Jonas (15): I think girls shouldn't constantly doubt their figure. Many have a superbody and then only eat salad. Ludwig (16): You should only go on a diet if you are overweight. Skinny girls whose bones you can see are unattractive. Dennis (15): Of course, nobody wants to have a really fat girlfriend. But please also not an extremely thin one! In addition, mad anorexia can be really dangerous. Michael (16): I don't like girls with whom you can't go to the fast food place in a relaxed manner because they keep talking about fat and calories Only a healthy diet can help. I lost 15 pounds with it.