Do paragraphs have a standard structure



Paragraphs must be marked as paragraphs. Do not use empty paragraphs to create space, for example by using the return key several times. Empty paragraphs are also output to the screen reader user.

Syntax: ...


Quotations must be marked with the HTML tag. The blind user can recognize that it is a quote and understand the text better.

Syntax: ...

Foreign language text

Words or passages in other languages ​​must be given an attribute. For example, if the text is English, it is inserted. This is the only way to ensure that the passage is read to a blind user with English pronunciation. Other foreign language words should also be marked. To do this, use the language abbreviations from the IANA register for language abbreviations.

Syntax: ...

Unordered lists

Lists mean enumerations. In HTML, a distinction is made between unordered and ordered lists. In editorial texts, unordered lists usually have bullet points such as dots or ticks. They are marked with the HTML tag unordered list. The individual list item is marked with. The screen reader user now knows that a list follows, how many entries there are, and has the option of skipping the list. Make sure that lists are not only created visually, for example by entering hyphens, because then there is no HTML markup.

Syntax: ...


List item 1
List item 2
List item 3

Ordered lists

Ordered lists are lists with consecutive numbering. They are marked with the HTML tag ordered list. Here too - as with the unordered list - each item in the list is marked with. Make sure that you don't just create lists visually, by entering "1.", "2." etc., because this would also mean that there would be no HTML markup.

Syntax: ...


Blind users do not access tables visually, but through the structure. You navigate within the table with the keyboard. If all column or row headings are marked as table headers and all cells are marked as table data, a screen reader user can have the corresponding column or row heading displayed for orientation to any cell and thus establish the relation between heading and content.

It is therefore fundamentally important:

  • to design simple tables,
  • Indicate lines and column headings as such (this should be possible via the editor - otherwise ask your agency),
  • to provide only data in the cells (no explanatory text)
  • and don't insert empty cells for more space.

Syntax heading: ...
Syntax cell: ...