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The TOP 10 professions with the highest responsibility

In today's modern times, there are many ways to make money. Some get more for their work, others less. Jobs that involve a particularly high level of responsibility are often better remunerated. This includes, for example, doctors, teachers, police officers, soldiers and flight pilots. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made here, and life and limb are often at stake.

1st doctor

The profession of “doctor” has been one of the most important ones for centuries. Every doctor, whether general practitioner or specialist, surgeon, internist or gynecologist, has a very high level of responsibility because he works directly 'with and on' people. It is not uncommon for life and death to be very close together in this job. Not everyone is up to such a high responsibility. For many young people, however, the job is very interesting. It is not without reason that doctors with an annual salary of 60,000 euros and more are among the top earners. See what a doctor earns here: Doctor salaries

2. Managing director, manager

High earners can also be managing directors, business unit managers and managers. This depends on the size of the company, the industry and the respective professional experience. The named titles are responsible for the management of the company as well as the organization, supervision and execution of important business processes. These include, for example, marketing, financial matters as well as quality and personnel management. The activities of a managing director or division manager are of great importance for the preservation of a company and jobs. You can find more information about managing director salaries here

3rd policeman

Police officers generally have more powers than civilians. They work on behalf of the state, put themselves in dangerous situations and can make arrests. The respective “power” of a police officer essentially depends on the area in which he works. In principle, every police officer ensures law and order. In addition, police officers also have an advisory role when it comes to road traffic and the protection of people. You will write minutes and fill out forms that will be used in a possible court case and that can be decisive for the conviction of a criminal. You can only become a police officer if you have a strong sense of justice, are responsible, have strong nerves, can deal with people well and are physically fit.

4. Politicians

Members of the Bundestag earn 8,000 euros and more a month. The so-called diets are used here. According to estimates, the gross annual income of Chancellor Angela Merkel is around 290,000 euros and consists, among other things, of the official salary, the reduced diet as a member of the government, a tax-free proportional flat-rate fee from parliamentary activities, a service expense allowance and other small amounts.

Currently, the diets are to be increased further, which is causing great resentment in the population. But why do politicians actually earn so much? The fact is: a politician needs numerous qualifications in order to gain a foothold in this area. There is no direct training. Angela Merkel also initially studied physics and later earned her doctorate in natural sciences (Dr. rer. Nat.). At the end of 1989, during the "Wende" in the GDR, she worked free of charge as a system administrator and then full-time as a clerk under Wolfgang Schnur in East Berlin. Her career then started with her appointment as press spokeswoman and membership in the board of the newly founded DA (Democratic Awakening). Angela Merkel has a very good education and the necessary empathy that is necessary in this area. Politicians have to be both listeners and speakers, have self-confidence, the ability to make decisions and are determined, and of course be exemplary and decent. The main tasks of politics are to secure health care and pensions, uphold social justice, create and maintain educational opportunities, stimulate the economy, protect the environment and citizens, and promote the social integration of people from other countries .

5. Aviation professions

Many aviation professions are also associated with a very high level of responsibility. Pilots, air traffic controllers and aircraft mechanics earn more than 75,000 euros a year. But these professional groups must also ensure that the transport of passengers and goods runs smoothly and safely. All hand movements must be perfect. After all, it's about human life. In addition, professional pilots are constantly on the move, which increases their personal stress level.

6. Teacher

Teachers take on a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the complex and at the same time demanding conveyance of knowledge. It is a socially important position that involves both the planning and the creation, design and evaluation of learning and teaching processes. It also includes advice and assessment, career recommendations for students, collaboration with colleagues and participation in development processes within the school.

Anyone who wants to learn the teaching profession should enjoy working with small and large children and young adults. Pedagogical interest and a great enthusiasm for the course content are also essential. A teacher is educator and tutor at the same time, must have high mental and physical resilience, be constantly focused and at the same time respond to the wishes of the school management, the teaching staff, parents and students.

7. Legal Advisor / Representative

People who work in legal professions earn above-average earnings, depending on the area. These include judges, notaries, public prosecutors, lawyers and data protection officers who advise and support companies or private individuals. A good education is of enormous importance here, but law graduates must also have good general knowledge, knowledge of human nature and so-called soft skills. They are familiar with complex laws and paragraphs and represent their clients in a wide variety of matters. You sue, decide and convict.

8. Soldier

Soldiers have a great responsibility when it comes to defending their own country and life. The soldier's profession is one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs in the world. Depending on the degree and the area of ​​operation, the salary is hardly related to the daily danger that the soldiers have to expose themselves to. Higher-ranking forces usually have better earnings, but in military missions they often have to give important orders that can make the difference between life and death.

9. Fireman

Firefighters, whether volunteer or professional, have to be a little crazy to do this job. They are the courageous helpers who rescue people and animals from burning houses, extinguish forest fires and also move out with their fire engine when road accidents have occurred and people need to be rescued from hopeless situations. They are constantly putting their own lives on the line to save that of others. Only people with a tough character and a lot of courage can withstand this pressure. Condition, speed, prudence and teamwork are also essential characteristics here. You can find some firefighter salaries here

10. Scientists

Scientists can advance to positions of responsibility in their careers. Most of them are very committed, strictly pursue their goals and work long hours. They often have leadership skills, but rarely want to use them. You prefer to work in the background. Depending on the job description, scientists are more likely to be logicians and rationalists. The self-esteem is strong, so strong that they sometimes seem a bit extroverted. But they are not at all. Rather, they are determined people who want to make a difference. They often work in engineering and natural sciences, where they take on important planning and development activities. But scientists can also be found in the IT sector. There, for example, they develop new technologies for many areas of life.

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