What is the displacement of an object

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Move objects

You can move objects by dragging them, specifying a distance and direction, or by stepping through the objects. You can also move an object while you are drawing.

With Larger Step Size and Smaller Step Size you can move objects step by step into the desired position. By default, objects are moved in 0.0254 cm increments. However, this value can be changed.

How to move objects
click on ArrangeChangesposition.
The docking window Changes is displayed.
Use one of the following methods:
Horizontal and vertical: Enter the values ​​by which the object should be moved horizontally and vertically.
Length and angle: Enter the distance and the angle to move the object.
Set the distance interactively: Click the button Set position interactivelyto drag the pointer in the drawing window to set the distance and angle for moving the object.
Distance and direction: Activate the second option in the docker, enter a value for the distance and select the direction in which the object should be moved. This option moves the object in the selected direction and at a distance that corresponds to the height and width of its bounding box and a specified distance.
If you want to leave the original objects unchanged and apply the changes to copies that are created, enter in the field Copiesa number.
click on To assign.
By default, the origin point (0,0) is in the lower left corner of the drawing page. If you are in the docker Changes check box Relative position activate it in the fields H and V. the position of the center anchor point of the object, and not the point of origin of the drawing page, specified as 0,0. If you are in the fields H and V. If you specify a different position, the values ​​represent a change in the current position of the object in relation to the central anchor point.
You can also move a selected object by moving it to another location in the drawing.
You can set an exact position for the object by clicking the button Geometric properties Click in the property list and the desired values ​​in the docking window Properties manager enter.
How to move objects while drawing
Start drawing the object.
Then hold down the left and right mouse button at the same time and drag the started object to a new position.
Release the right mouse button and continue drawing.

Move object while drawing

How to move objects step by step
Move the selected object by the increment
Press a Arrow key.
Move a selected object by a fraction of the increment (smaller increment)
hold the Ctrl key and press a Arrow key.
Move the selected object by a multiple of the step size (larger step size)
hold the Shift key and press a Arrow key.
This is how you define step sizes
click on ExtrasOptions.
In the list of categories, click below document on Rulers.
Enter a value in the field Increment a.
Enter a value in the following fields.
You can also set the value of the increment by deselecting all objects and placing them in the field Increment for moving Enter a value on the property bar.
If you want to save the new step sizes for further drawings, click on ExtrasSave as default.

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