Can I get two Bachelor degrees at the same time?

Can you study two subjects at the same time?

Anon  📅 26.03.2013 21:36:39
Can you study two subjects at the same time?

Is it allowed to study two main subjects / courses at the same time at a German university? e.g. chemistry and computer science (like a "double major" in America)
If so, which universities offer it?

Or can you only choose a major and a minor?

I am interested in studying in Germany.

Thank you for the reading.
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
Yes, that works ^^
Usually from the 3rd semester of your 1st subject if there are no concerns that you will not finish your first subject because of the double burden. Then you have to inform yourself at your university, something like that is usually on the website
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
there is a special effort, but 90% of the time it makes no sense, because the course is drawn out, the grades suffer and in very few cases you get a job due to 2 courses. (exception: e.g. oral and maxillofacial surgeon)
malcom3  📅 26.03.2013 22:50:09
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
A second student wrote:
> it closes
> 90% makes no sense, as the course takes a long time
> is pulled

If you pass all the exams right away, your studies will not be dragged out.

> and you in the
> at least one due to 2 courses
> get job.

I wouldn't say that, it always depends on the two courses of study. Business administration, for example, is very often a suitable 2nd degree course (in engineering, mathematics, computer science, psychology ...)
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
if you have compulsory internships, as in the example above (chemistry), it probably doesn't work.

"I wouldn't say that, it always depends on the two courses of study"

BOY, I didn't say anything else. NOOB
malcom3  📅 26.03.2013 23:27:55
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
A second student wrote:
> "I wouldn't say that, it always comes
> on the two courses of study "
> BOY, I didn't say anything else. NOOB

BOY, what would you write such a BULLSHIT with "90 percent pointless" ??
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
It's pointless. You're getting too expensive. And a bachelor's degree "on the side" in business administration interests no one. It just shows interest. I know many who have a bachelor's degree in business administration in addition to chemistry, now they are annoyed that the companies no longer pay them an MBA and release them for it.

Better a Bachelor + Master quickly with relevant internships, abroad and very, very good grades than messed around with 2 10-semester 3.0 Bachelor degrees. Nobody cares and doesn't show your excellence.

The only combinations that somehow pay off are courses in which at least one is a state examination, as the market is limited. E.g. Law + Business Administration, Medicine + NaWi, Pharmacy + NaWi, Humanities + Teaching, Medicine + Dentistry ...
Ersti09 *  📅 27.03.2013 05:37:31
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
I am also studying two courses.

First of all out of interest, and secondly because, as a theoretical computer scientist, I can still stand out from the crowd with a math bachelor's degree.
I do believe that in otherwise relatively similar cases, the second bachelor's degree is decisive, perhaps not always from a technical point of view, but through the special commitment that you show for it.
However, I wouldn't necessarily have studied this combination if I hadn't switched from math to computer science. (Still, I don't want to give up math )

The better way is not the double bachelor, but the double master.
- First study a subject of your choice for 1 year.
- If you are good enough, try to complete as many Master's modules as possible in the following years, at most universities you can take at least a few with you into the Master's
- Do two masters in _related_ areas. You can e.g. apply for a computer science master’s degree with a math bachelor's degree and vice versa.

@Second student:
A second subject always means a lot of extra work, but not necessarily that you get bad grades in both subjects at once. There are quite a lot of people who manage to do this and maybe spend 1 year over the standard period of study, which is normal in some subjects anyway.
Cautic  📅 27.03.2013 10:39:19
Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
Basically, it depends on the federal state in which you want to study. While it is rather easy to be admitted to two courses in North Rhine-Westphalia, you will get into a lot of problems in Baden-Württemberg.
Whether or not it will help you depends on your personal plans. Chemistry and computer science may make sense if you later want to model chemical problems using computer technology. However, the question that arises here is whether it is not possible somewhere to take chemistry as an elective or minor in computer science and then end up in the same area.

What I do not understand is why Medicine + NaWi and Pharmacy + NaWi should make sense. What is also not clear to me is why only state exams in combination with something else should make sense. I still know of courses without a state examination that also make sense - depending on where you want to go.

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Re: Can you study two subjects at the same time?
Medicine and dentistry as a double degree - aha.
It's not as if the subjects in the first few semesters are almost identical anyway, both are assigned centrally and therefore it is practically impossible to get into two medical courses (at the same university).

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