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How do you do that with the iphone that the hoes are only gray

This is how you color the hooks blue, even if the sender doesn't want it. Post your opinion. More on the subject. Has the message been read yet? WhatsApp: How to trick the gray ticks Even if the recipient has deactivated the read receipt, the gray ticks can be colored blue. In this way you avoid that others see whether you have read a message or not.

This may save you annoying explanations why you did not reply to a message immediately after reading it. How to deactivate the blue tick :. At the same time, however, you will no longer receive a read receipt for your messages. Or is it a helpful feature to see whether the sent message has arrived? Personally, I think WhatsApp is more like an email.

Just because I read the message doesn't make me feel directly obliged to reply.

And then to collect slogans on top of that goes against the grain of me. Or what do you think of that? Jannik Degner.

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Jannik Degner is the founder of the smartphone pilots. He advises, writes and reports to the smartphone pilots on his professional and private experiences with various German mobile phone companies and helps with problems.

He doesn't want others to know that he has read the message. For some, the blue ticks are currently coming and for others, you stay gray, even though the message has been read AND answered! So how does this misbelief come about? In this special issue, numerous specialists deal with all important questions about the most common CMS on the web; And it's not just about classic topics, but also about affiliate marketing, e-commerce and post your opinion. The current layout on my iPhone 6 is already cruel, I don't even want to know what the display looks like on the 6Plus. Follow Me Fascination with aviation. A mail directly to nero has remained unanswered until now. Your opinion. The easiest way to do this is on the lock screen, but you can also read the messages in the notification center. When opening the program, some extra apps appear on the start page that can be installed separately, such as: Delete account.

Since he has dedicated himself to the world of mobile communications and is interested in mobile communications standards, cell phone tariffs, the latest smartphones, technology gadgets, the digital lifestyle and the connected home. Your current smartphone? As part of test reports, I also like to use various other smartphones. Mobile phone contract despite negative credit bureau - is that possible? China phones: The best tariffs for smartphones from the Far East. This means that users can finally no longer hide and say in retrospect, "Oh, I didn't even notice your message".

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Privacy advocates are unhappy. However, there are already good news for those users who do not like this feature at all - possibly for privacy reasons. Facebook has long informed the user that a message has been read, which is useful.

Whatsapp - blue tick gray again?

From a privacy perspective, do you think this is a good development or should there still be some confusion about whether the recipient actually read a message or not? Great, I think it's actually quite good that you sometimes still have time to think about what to write or simply read the message without having to feel obliged to answer.

Apps / software WhatsApp: deactivate blue ticks So you can be sure that the message has not only arrived but has also been read. The following instructions were performed with an iPhone. Munich - one or two, gray or blue - what do the different hooks on WhatsApp mean? And can I change that mine.

Sometimes you just don't like to write and I think that's a pretty blatant step. Sure, unless you mean the hoe from the garden. Or want to hack something. A confirmation that the message was delivered is OK. However, I am against a read receipt. I was already excited on the iPhone that there was only the second hook when the message was read.

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It's always the same with something like that. Of course, you want to see whether a message you have sent has been read, but of course it shouldn't be displayed to others. A blue tick only means that the other person has opened the message! Two blue ticks mean that he has interpreted the message correctly and understood it! Didn't find anything - with a friend, both ticks are never shown in blue when he has read a message.