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Picsart Hype: This free app is now loved by all Instagrammers

Why are all influencers so crazy about picsart right now? What the free photo editor can do and why you should use it!

Picsarthas the Instagram world taken by storm, but what's so special about this one free appwith which one Edit photos can? While I'm actually someone who's very classy Photoshop and Lightroom swears, I am now too Picsart long expired and for some time now I have been sharing Picsart tutorial videos on mine Instagram account. So let's go to that together Hype to the bottom!

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Picsart is free

The first reason: Picsart is basically free. And compared to many others free photo editing apps can you do the free variant can hardly be described as very slimmed down. Even without paying there are huge numbers of Functions, more on that below! The Premium upgrade is called by the way Picsart gold and costs € 39.99 a year. If you pay this amount, it disappears advertising and there are numerous additional ones Premium filters, fonts, overlays, collages, stickers and and and. In my opinion, you can also come with that free variant really very good and if you are unsure: Picsart gold you can by the way Try it free for three days!

Picsart is intuitive

In contrast to more complex image editing programs how Photoshop is Picsart extremely easy to use and intuitive. You can find them all Features and Effects exactly where you expect them to be. And otherwise takes Picsart a lot of work: I love how, for example intelligent Picsart certain Select image areas or that it automatically zooms in as soon as a smaller Adds element. And one more thing: Photographerswho have got used to using Mouse or graphics tablet to work will probably contradict me. But now I find it super easy to do with them Fingers on the Touch screen of Cell phonesEffects, stickers or photos to rub off or brush on. Intuitive stop!

Inspiration for your next shooting outfit


Picsart offers an extremely wide range of possibilities

Lots Appswith which one edit pictures can only offer one or two Functions an: The one offers pretty filters on, the next cute stickers and another dreamy one Lens flares. Picsart not only has all of these FunctionsYou can also do immensely many other things within this single one App implement. Whether you now work with multiple layers want, Remove or reproduce image elements want the Background out of focus want to appear - Picsart make it possible. All Functions would go beyond the scope here, but here is a short one List of the most interesting features:

With Picsart you can ...

... parts of the picture Dissolve into small triangles (Tools> Dispersal)

… The perspective of the picture and you for example bigger or smaller make it appear (Tools> Perspective)

... numerous Effects and Filters apply to your photo (effects)

... one Beauty retouching perform (embellishment)

... numerous Sticker add (sticker, see above)

text add to the picture

Merge photos together (see post picture)

… Further Add effects by brush (For example, glitter, butterflies, autumn leaves)

… Lens reflections add (lens flares)

... freehand to draw

frame add and Collages create

Let's be honest: Isn't that absolute madness?

The picsart community is huge

And if that shouldn't be enough to be completely enthusiastic about Picsart to be, then there is also the huge one Community. The Picsart app has so far been over Installed 500 million times and will 100 million users actively used every month. The Hashtag #Picsart counts up Instagram meanwhile over 10 million posts. That doesn't just mean en masse inspiration and Tutorials for you, you can always talk to someone if there is Problems gives.

Ready for creative picsart tutorials?

If you do too now fire and flame for the Picsart app are, please see the right ones for you Tutorial videos for my lion photo above and the Draw On collage below. And if you haven't followed me on Instagram yet, you should urgently do it now - because I regularly share more there Picsart Video Tutorials with my Community. You would also like to become a member of my exclusive Facebook community: With the Members I regularly share exciting ones App discoveries and offer a protected space to over Instagram, photography and image editing to discuss. We look forward to you!

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