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The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Over 800 English-language scripts are offered free of charge Over 800 English-language scripts are offered online free of charge - sorted alphabetically and by genre and supplemented by numerous comments from users

TextArchive 7

TextArchiv 7 offers 60 scripts sorted alphabetically as zip files for free download.

Dossier: It all starts with the script

at Bavarian Broadcasting.

Transcripts of series episodes for free download


With Dailyscript you can read hundreds of scripts online in alphabetical order - linked directly to the corresponding entry in the Internet Movie Database

Drew's Script-O-Rama

Sorted alphabetically, Script-O-Rama links to hundreds of scripts on other sites and presents the texts of numerous more recent scripts on its site.
Drew's Script-O-Rama

Keyword script

The Association of German Scriptwriters offers a number of German-language scripts for download on its site Keyword Script, including the 195-page script for SOPHIE SCHOLL - die last Tage.
Keyword script


The site features "Scripts and Transcripts to Classic Movies (and others) made before 1970."

Screenwriters on writer's block

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences site has several videos showing successful screenwriters discuss various aspects of screenwriting.
Screenwriters on writer's block

Teacher's Guide: Screenwriting - The Language of Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences site offers several teacher guides, including Screenwriting - The Language of Film - "designed for students in secondary school English, language arts, visual arts and communications courses."


  • Activity 1: Structuring a Screenplay
  • Activity 2: Formatting the Script
  • Activity 3: Developing a Screenplay from a Book
  • Activity 4: Learning from the Winners
  • Download a complete Screenwriting Activities Guide (PDF)

Scriptwriting in class

For the "Stille Post" script competition, Bernd Kniehauer and Beate Völcker created helpful content and methodical tips for scriptwriting in class in a 6-page working paper, which can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file
Scriptwriting in class

Cinema in your head - why a screenplay is not a novel

On "24" the knowledge portal of the German Film Academy "teaching materials with exercises for the individual film professions" are also available, which were created in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education and Vision Cinema. The 5-page dossier Cinema in the head - Why one Screenplay is not a novel provides factual information and a worksheet with three tasks, which also refers to the excellent working materials "24 interviews on screenplay" (see below).
The dossier can also be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file.

24 interviews on "script"

On "24" the "Knowledge Portal of the German Film Academy", thematically well-structured video sequences with statements from scriptwriters are offered under this heading:

After a short excerpt from her feature film Cherry Blossoms - Hanami, Germany 2007/2008, Doris Dörrie comments on the two scenes shown there and on questions such as how

  • "What makes a good screenwriter? What kind of talents do you need?"
  • "What is the best approach to this profession? Or the best education?"
  • "Which scripts or scriptwriters do you admire? Or which films have a particularly good script?"

The complete interview with Doris Dörrie can be read online or downloaded as a PDF file.

After some original scenes from the feature film "Solo Sunny", GDR 1980. the screenwriter of the film, Wolfgang Kohlhaase, comments on the film as a whole, on the scenes shown here, on the image of women and men in the film and, among other things, on the question of what makes a good scriptwriter out?

The entire interview with Wolfgang Kohlhaase can be read online or downloaded as a PDF file.

After some original scenes from the thriller "The Cat", Germany 1988, the screenwriter of the film, Christoph Fromm, comments on the film as a whole and on the scenes shown here. The complete interview with Christoph Fromm can be read online or downloaded as a PDF file.

Subject "script" at the Movie College

On the Moviecollege site of the company Allary Film, TV & Media, practice-oriented information on the subject of "scripts" is compiled in the film school area. Two "tours" make it easier to get started:

Screenplay I.
Write a script? Basics of form, content and marketing.

  1. motivation
  2. Idea theft
  3. Outer shape
  4. presentation
  5. Write
  6. Basic rules
  7. Motif choice

Screenplay II
Rules that should be observed or at least consciously broken.

  1. Characters
  2. Dialogues
  3. Narrative perspective
  4. The end
  5. marketing
  6. US format

Links to other sites on the topic

A detailed, briefly commenting link list has been compiled for the Open Directory Project.


Very large collection of film scripts

Script crawler

English language scripts for free download


American web site for screenwriters (I)

Screenwriter's Utopia

American Screenwriters' Web Site (II)

American Screenwriters' Web Site (III)

15 structure points for scripts

The screenwriter Wolfgang Kirchner teaches screenwriting at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and at the dffb Berlin. In an interview at ARD that is well worth reading, he recommends the 15 structure points for scripts by Blake Snyder from his book "Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies", which greatly expand the three-act system (introduction, conflict, solution):

  • "Opening Image" - The first impression of the film - color tone, mood, scope for action
  • "Theme Stated" - thematic requirement
  • "Set-Up" - introducing the main character, their problem and their goal
  • "Catalyst" - An experience that changes the life of the main character
  • "Debate" - The main character has to decide how he wants to act now
  • "Break Into Two" - Entry into a new world: Act two
  • "B Story" - Second story: Take a break for the main story
  • "Fun and Games" - have fun in the new world
  • "Midpoint" - A problem caused by an alleged victory or an alleged failure
  • "Bad Guys Close In" - villains team up against the main character
  • "All Is Lost" - The opposite of "Midpoint". Everything seems lost
  • "Dark Night of the Soul" - The worst moment for the main character
  • "Break Into Three" - the main story and the second story converge, so that the hero finds a solution
  • "Finale" - The main character triumphs over the bad guys and creates a new society
  • "Final Image" - The opposite of the "Opening Image": show that something has changed


How do I write a script

BBC writersroom

The BBC writersroom offers "Writing Tips for different genres" and a range of scripts

BBC film network

The BBC filmnetwork offers an online filmmaking guide with many chapters, including "writing a script", each with further links.

KRABAT - From novel to script

a 12-page guide for young people by Reimar Seibert-Kemp