What is a typical interior design budget

Interior design costs

1. Modern interiors and furnishings - what do you need to know?

Are you tired of your old home furnishings, do you have an unused attic or do you simply no longer meet modern living standards? With the help of modern interior design, you can restore functionality and attractiveness to your apartment. However, before a renovation, you should know the structural and aesthetic possibilities, an interior designer can be of great help to you. We have put together some of the most important information you need before renovating your home.

2. Interior designer who understands your needs

You have an idea of ​​what your dream home should look like and you need an interior designer, but how do you find one? Every home remodeling is a unique project, but of course it can't hurt to look at the interior designer's previous projects and get the opinions of their clients. However, you will only know the details of your project once the interior designer has submitted the first drafts and cost estimates. You should always ask several interior architects or interior designers for offers so that you can compare them with each other. You can find a long list of verified interior designers on Daibau.

Although every interior designer has their own style, each will more or less be based on your preferences. Before signing a contract, you should meet the interior designer at least once in person to see how well his taste, expectations and approach match your ideas. On this occasion, the interior designer can also get a better picture of your wishes, which is why you should bring as many pictures, sketches, photographs, catalogs and other material as possible with you.

2.1 Interior design: costs and benefits

What costs does an interior designer charge? The costs differ depending on the contractor and can be calculated in two ways: either as an hourly rate or as a price per square meter. One of the characteristics of a good interior designer is a thorough estimate with a detailed list of the proposed work, materials and costs. In order for you to be really satisfied with the apartment renovation, the ongoing communication during the course of work must also be right. The prices for interior design services are usually 10 to 30 EUR / m2.

3. Interior design

3.1 Apartment renovation

The lifespan of residential houses is around 100 years, but the materials inside the house wear out much faster and the tastes of the residents also change. These are good reasons for renovating the interior. This can be addressed in a number of ways. To freshen up the look of the apartment, it is enough to whitewash the walls and buy some new furniture. A complete home renovation, on the other hand, is a complex and expensive project that involves a variety of tasks: tearing down partition walls, removing old materials, replacing installations, renovating bathrooms, installing new furniture, etc.

Everything starts with the renovation plan. The price depends on the interior designer and is at least 10 EUR / m2. But that is still cheaper than turnkey apartment renovations, which can easily cost half as much and take up to 3 months.

3.2 Renovation of an attic apartment

Top floor apartments were once considered inferior and improper. To this day, this view has been turned completely on its head or on the roof. Due to increased real estate prices, urban housing shortages and greater air and light flooding, attic apartments are becoming more and more popular. Renovations of top floor apartments have some special features due to their shape. The roof slope must first be well insulated and closed with drywall. A sufficient number of skylights must be installed to let in enough light, and custom-made furniture is required for optimal use of space. The latter is important so that the kitchen can be used well and all low, angled and otherwise unusable corners can be optimally used.

3.3 Made-to-measure furniture

With made-to-measure furniture, the available space is optimally used and a matching appearance of the furniture is achieved. You can either order individual pieces from the carpenter or have a completely new apartment designed by the interior designer. Made-to-measure furniture is particularly suitable for small rooms with irregular shapes, such as attics or stairwells. Individual items such as custom-made desks, chairs, beds, doors, etc. make a particularly good impression.

4. How does interior design work?

How can a dream apartment be transferred from the head into reality? The interior design consists of several phases, which guarantee the highest possible quality of the design and execution. Let's look at these phases.

4.1 Dimensioning of the rooms

The interior designer must first precisely measure your apartment and take stock of the current state. On this basis, he makes a draft. He also notes all special features, potential dangers and possibilities for later further development of the interior design.

4.2 Your wishes and appearance of the room

After you have decided on an interior designer, you should describe your wishes and expectations to him precisely and, above all, tell him the amount of the budget available. Much also depends on your lifestyle, your future expectations, hobbies, children, pets and other individual characteristics. You will have to meet with the interior designer several times to see the variations and patterns they have prepared for the room layout, the arrangement and appearance of the furniture, the wall colors, as well as other materials and décor, and to choose the one that is right for you.

4.3 Interior fittings and custom-made furniture

The interior designer puts his feature not only on the appearance, but also on the functionality of the premises. How should the kitchen and dining room be connected to one another? Do the rooms allow enough privacy? Is there enough storage space and is it practical and easily accessible? These are just a few of the myriad of questions that need to be answered. First of all, the functionality of the entire apartment must be ensured. For this purpose, some partition walls will be torn down, new doors will be installed and conversions and other interventions will be carried out. Wall openings and demolitions require a static calculation and usually also a building permit. The next step is to ensure the functionality of the individual rooms by arranging the furniture. If the available financial means allow it, custom-made furniture is also included in the planning in order to optimize the use of space.

4.4 Wall colors

Wall colors have a great influence on our well-being. Light colors make the room appear larger, while dark colors make it look smaller. In this way, the perception of the width, length and height of the room can also be influenced. Cold colors also make the room look colder, whereas warm colors create a warm feeling. In living spaces, rich colors should be avoided or limited to one wall. It's hard to go wrong with white colors or soft pastel tones. To achieve a really modern and orderly look, the wall colors should match the colors of the flooring, furniture and other elements.

4.5 Visualization of the apartment

Based on the information collected, the architect will make a drawing of the apartment that will come as close as possible to your expectations. With the help of two-dimensional drawings and 3D visualizations, you will be able to better imagine the final appearance of the room. Visualizations of apartments, bathrooms or kitchens cost something, of course, but we advise you not to skip this step because such visualizations are amazingly close to the final appearance and this is the most effective way of making changes to the plan according to your wishes. If you are satisfied with the result, the architect prepares the final plans based on the visualizations.

4.6 Apartment plan

Now it's time to prepare the final apartment plan. The ideas folder contains all the necessary plans, sketches, details, materials, a lighting plan and 3D visualizations. On this basis, the contractors can carry out the complete apartment renovation. The technical report and plans for the various individual items to be ordered from the carpenter are also enclosed.

4.7 Help with apartment renovation

If this is your first time doing an apartment renovation or just don't have the time, we advise you to hire the interior designer to coordinate the renovation as well. Numerous interior designers cooperate with verified contractors and can therefore guarantee the quality of the execution. In this way, the work is carried out in the shortest possible time.

5. Modern apartments - style and trends

5.1 Wall colors

Modern wall colors have a big impact on how you feel in your home. Bright rooms with warm colors are invigorating, while dark and cold tones have a calming effect. Finding the right combination for the walls is not easy, so you should consult an interior designer who can work out several variants. Be careful when looking at 3D visualizations and color samples, because the color in real space can look different than it does on screen or as a small pattern.

5.1.1 Wall paints for the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the home, which is why it is very important to feel relaxed and calm in it. Avoid bright and saturated colors. A completely white bathroom is also not advisable, as experience has shown that this does not contribute to well-being. Soft pastel shades are best. Warm colors convey a feeling of security and cold colors have a calming effect.

5.1.2 Wall colors for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest, so you should design the walls in soft tones. Darker colors or materials that optically reduce and darken the room are also possible. In such a cozy room, you will surely be able to fall asleep with ease.

5.1.3 Wall colors for the living room

Most of the day is spent in the living room. Opt for cheerful, warm colors that will fill you with energy. You can paint the whole room with pastel colors. But if you decide on intense colors or textures, you shouldn't use it more than one wall.

5.1.4 Wall paints for the kitchen

If cooking is your hobby and you enjoy exploring new aromas and tastes, you will definitely want to spice up your kitchen with the right color. A strong combination is a mix of calm and lively colors - just don't overdo it. If the kitchen furniture is painted in vivid colors, the walls should be a calm color. But if monotonous kitchen furniture is planned, treat yourself to lively wall colors, patterns or even photo wallpapers.

5.2 Made-to-measure stylish furniture

In modern apartments, rustic style furniture that contrasts with modern furniture is finding its way again. Modern trends explore the balance between minimalism and jewelry, between light and heavy, between rough and smooth. Do not throw away your grandparents' furniture, because you can stylishly integrate them into your new home furnishings. If you don't have original furniture on hand, you can also order custom-made stylish furniture.

5.3 Indoor plants

Indoor plants offer many advantages: they clean the air, cool the room and at the same time have a calming effect on the human mind. If there is no garden or at least no green balcony available, indoor plants are an excellent alternative. However, not every plant is suitable as a houseplant, because the plants have to thrive in low light. If you do not have much time to care for plants, we recommend easy-care indoor plants that grow slowly, thrive in less fertile soil and are generally insensitive. Popular green plants for the interior are violin figs, window leaves, curry oil tree, philodendrons, ivy, bow hemp, palm lily and numerous other plants from the jungle, semi-deserts or deserts.

5.4 Open floor plan

Large and interconnected rooms are typical of modern interior design. Apartment renovations often also include tearing down partition walls and making openings in load-bearing walls. Before such interventions, the expert opinion of a structural engineer or structural engineer must be obtained. An open floor plan makes the living space much more light-flooded, makes it appear larger, and the residents can breathe a sigh of relief.