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hardware Remove write protection on USB stick - this is how it works


The write protection of USB sticks is not always easy to remove. There are more and more problems with Windows 10. If you accidentally pulled the stick out of the PC during a read or write process, the write protection could have been activated automatically to protect your data. Our instructions will show you how to deactivate write protection again.

USB stick with lock switch

Some USB sticks have a small one Switch on the housingwith which you can control the write protection. So just take a look at your USB stick. If you find a switch, make sure it is on "write"or"unlocked". Sometimes a symbolic lock can also be seen. If you cannot find such a switch, there is a software problem.

Deactivate software write protection from the USB stick

Next, you can try the Software write protection to remove. As a rule, write protection can only be removed on the PC on which you activated it. Under certain circumstances you may not find the corresponding option in the settings of your device. If so, skip this step and format your USB stick.

  1. Open the Windows Explorer for example with the key combination [Windows] + [E].
  2. Links under the tab "This pc"You should find your USB stick. Click with the." right mouse button on your write-protected USB stick and select "properties" out.
  3. There you will find the attribute "Read only". Make sure that the checkmark is not set in this field and save the changes with"OK".

If this does not remove the write protection, you still have the option to format the write-protected USB stick.

Remove write protection via the command line

Another method of removing the write protection from the USB stick is via the Command line of the command prompt. You can read how this works in these step-by-step instructions:

Format USB stick with write protection

If the write protection cannot be removed, you still have the option of formatting the USB stick. All data on the stick will be deleted. If there are still important files on the stick, you should back them up beforehand.