Which car model is that

Which car is right for me?

Which vehicle model actually suits me best - have you ever asked yourself this question? Given the multitude of brands and models, the decision is not easy, especially if there is a lack of expert knowledge. AutoScout24's vehicle advice service can help here. With it you will find exactly the car model that meets your needs.

Fast through the car jungle.

There are currently several thousand different car models to choose from in Germany - in every price range. Even if you know roughly what kind of car you can afford, it can be difficult to keep track of it. Or you just think of the well-known models and perhaps overlook the fact that the ideal car is somewhere else entirely.

Simply answer five questions.

Are you more of the sports car type or should it be a family car? Our vehicle advisor will help you through the car jungle quickly and easily: Use five simple questions to test which vehicle is right for you - you may even be amazed at how many models are actually suitable for you.

Find the right car for you!

Do you want to find out which car is right for you? Are you ready to be surprised or even surprised? AutoScout24 asks you five simple questions to find out which models are suitable for you:

This is how big my car should be:

First it comes to size: can you get by with two seats or do you need more space with options for child seats?

This is how much storage space I need:

Is there enough space for a stroller, for example, or do you need a lot of storage space, for example for sports or music equipment?

This is how my car should be:

Now the look under the hood follows: Do you value sportiness or should your car drive as environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient as possible? Just click on what is important to you.

Low consumption: To determine the “low consumption” property, it depends on the average consumption of a vehicle. The average consumption values ​​given by AutoScout24 advertisers for the respective vehicle model are used as a basis. We will show you the vehicles that match your specifications in terms of seats and budget.

Sporty: The calculation relates to the average vehicle performance in relation to the vehicle weight per vehicle model as stated by the AutoScout24 advertisers.

Suitable for off-road use: The designation refers to the vehicles published by AutoScout24 with a body shape SUV / off-road vehicle and vehicles with all-wheel drive.

Comfort entry: The designation refers to the height of the seat in the lowest seat position to the floor.

I would like to spend this much:

Indicate how much you would like to spend on your vehicle: Are you looking for the cheapest possible car or may it come from a higher price range?

Exclude these brands:

Just put in the box the brands you don't want to see among the suggestions.