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Let there be light - with energy-saving street lamps

In Germany there are around ten million lanterns on streets, paths and in squares. They should provide enough light in the dark. Because the brighter they seem - especially in the morning and evening hours when there are many people on the move - the fewer accidents, break-ins and violent crimes there are.

Energy guzzlers from the 60s

More than a third of all German street lights date from the 1960s. Mostly these are so-called gas discharge lamps, in which electricity flows through a gas and makes it glow. These lanterns shine brightly, but give away a lot of light because they scatter it unbundled in all directions. They also use way too much energy. As a result, they put a strain on both the finances of the municipalities and our environment.

In the search for alternatives, LEDs have recently been used for street lighting. They have extremely low power consumption. However, they only illuminate a very limited area and are also very expensive to buy.

The best of everyone

A combination of gas discharge lamp and LED lamp that combines the advantages of both systems would be practical. Hoffmeister Leuchten GmbH has developed just such a hybrid light. In the upper part it consists of a discharge lamp and its reflector. The LEDs are arranged underneath. In the morning and in the evening, both parts shine together and ensure that streets are illuminated brightly and evenly. At night only the LEDs light up, so that power consumption is reduced to a minimum.

The hybrid lights are not only bright and energy efficient, they are also easy to maintain. And also cheaper than lights made entirely from LEDs, since only a few LEDs are required for the hybrid light. This makes them the ideal solution for illuminating side streets, sidewalks and parks - places where the lower luminosity in LED mode is sufficient at night when hardly anyone is on the move.

Shining example of funding

So that the municipalities can illuminate their streets with particularly innovative lanterns in the future, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has funded the development of hybrid lights - with the ZIM program. As a result, Hoffmeister Leuchten GmbH was able to cover part of the personnel and material costs that were incurred during development. With the hybrid lights, an innovative and at the same time affordable product has been available on the market since mid-2012.

Fact overview

Product: Energy saving hybrid street light
Companies: Hoffmeister Leuchten GmbH
Market launch: 2012
Advancement: ZIM-SOLO
Funding amount: 122,500 euros
Funding period: November 2010 to September 2011