How can I go to Visakhapatnam

Children's home Nethanja Narsapur

Unfortunately, the number of people infected with corona is increasing day by day in India. The testing possibilities and medical examinations have increased. There were also two positive cases in Muslim women in Narsipatnam. In relation to the events in New Delhi, the Muslims there are viewed very negatively.

Ms. Siva Lakshmi Jothi, government officer (Nodel Officer) asked us for accommodation. Yesterday 19 people were brought to our Emmanuel CCC (Community care center).

All people who are in quarantine with us at Emmanuel CCC belong to Muslim families.

God has kept the Indian Christians in his hands. If I were to imagine the situation as it happened in New Delhi for us Christians, the consequences for Christians would be inconceivable for me.

We give medical help and food to the people in quarantine. The state asks all organizations, especially Christian NGOs, for help.

Here in India there are many private, independent evangelists and pastors who live only on donations from their congregations. Since the Corona problem there have been no church services, so many poor brothers and sisters ask for help, and we would like to help them too.

Most of the people in Kondala Agraharam and the surrounding area make a living from pen work and are day laborers. People come from many villages and ask for help. We try to help the poor wherever we can.

Please pray with us that there will be no famine in India and that a solution will soon be found for the global corona problem so that there will be peace in the world.

With best regards and deep connection,


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