Does it work to marry your ex-wife

Child support - does a new marriage affect child support?

Life writes many stories.
Here is one from my life:

@Ramona, I can understand you very well. The feeling "who still wants you under these conditions" ...
About maintenance: All of his biological children are equally entitled to maintenance, so what he can pay is then shared between all children, including your 3 children ... thankfully, that you get nothing is not the case. Child support is always a priority. A family law attorney (including alimony) might be helpful and important to have by your side. And if you have no money for a lawyer: In any case, you can apply for advice / procedural costs / legal aid from him, which will cover the legal costs if you get stuck with the youth welfare office.
I wish you the best of luck for you and your children. Do not give up. Even if it's damn hard sometimes.

My ex has created a beautiful new life and only pays what he “has” to pay through a divorce settlement agreement and with the help of my lawyer. And, of course, he regularly gets interference ... Sure, doesn't feel like paying.
He had a secret affair with his colleague (18 years younger, somehow “logical”, right?), Who herself earned very well, for half a year. Together they planned his "jump" from our marriage and prepared an apartment for them.
Then everything happened very quickly: I had no idea and no chance ...
He just "disposed of" me. From now on he didn't care at all, he had lost all respect, all inhibitions towards me, treated me like a dirty cleaning rag….
Bottom drawer ..., of his slander that he had told others about me (lied: I was forgotten, so he could no longer be with me. Pig!), Of his bank account embezzlement (almost 13,000 euros in debt secretly piled up with "her" - mind you on the joint account), not to mention his data theft (passing on my private data to third parties).
I just can't report him, because then he would be able to use it against me (according to the law as "directed against him ..." what do I know? ... which then forfeit my maintenance claim ...) until I was through with the legal proceedings : until then he is considered innocent. And lawsuits can take time. So I can't even defend myself here ...
His last piggy bank, our common house, now only had to be slaughtered. He forced me to sell it, he didn't allow any other variant, he just wanted to get some money out of it. And unfortunately I couldn't pay it out, including ...

We are now recently divorced.
He has just married again, his third wife, she "all in white ..." (I could k ** ... if she knew what to expect?).
Have moved into a bungalow and now live there with "their" daughter, with cleaning lady and ironing aid ...
And both together now have approx. 8,000 net! monthly household income That! was his goal, his motivation, he has now achieved this. Precision landing.
And now this *** refuses to pay me the statutory compensation for disadvantages due to Annex U, which I had to sign for him. Because of 200, - Euro for the tax advisor, which I now needed (= disadvantage ...) I have to go to the lawyer again. He then has to pay it on top of it ... Everything in legal action, so unnecessarily everything: it is clearly regulated in the law: only, that doesn't interest him, he just thinks he can get away with it.
After 21 years of marriage, “I” no longer know what to do next, unfortunately I gave up everything for our marriage and our sick child, he made a career. I have lost my savings, my job, and now an important part of my (his) family and many mutual friends because of him. Our daughter was often sick, is depressed again because of his "escapades", and suffers greatly from the fact that he has also left her, needs my support every now and then when she is bad: I am the only family that has remained.
As a mother you are responsible for your children all your life. Sometimes the misery just doesn't stop.
But some “men” make it easy for themselves: simply disappears because “no longer feel like taking on responsibility”. Kick his own child, his ex in the bin, grab a younger one with coal ... "Great"
Dear men, don't be offended, things are often bad for both sides, but it is a question of “how” you regulate it.
Because "man" usually has to continue his work while
“Woman” falls into unemployment because no employer is hiring her anymore, especially not full-time when she approaches 60 !! (If she is lucky she might get resin 4. I! unfortunately have no right to it, because I didn't work on a tax card ..., shitty mini job to reconcile child and family, think about it too!), and later slips they inevitably into old-age poverty.
What's great about that?
"Laughing EX?" I beg you. Mostly not.
And at that age new partners? Wishful thinking from the men. Do you really have to know who / which man wants a woman of the same age or an "older" woman:
They have to be “younger” and financially independent. Otherwise nothing works ...
I feel like "rejects" ...
And my "ex-husband" ?:
Well, everything "did right": still his job, now married his equally well-earning colleague, her 18-year-old daughter (who, by the way, was raised by her father: not by her mother) may still adopt (Happy New Family ...) in order to have the chance to have to pay even less maintenance for your own daughter (and thus continue to show her how little she is worth to him). And from now on lead a great life. With vacation, sailing boat, ect. "Great guy"…
I call that selfish.
And me? I can say goodbye to "life".
As Ramona described it: who wants a woman who then “has to be entertained” by the new partner ... according to the law?
It's practically impossible, it just isolates you.
What is fair, please?
So much is taken from many of us women ...

Just put yourself in our position, as a mother, as a woman, as a person ...