How can a company help fundraise

How do you collect donations yourself?

The formal requirements for fundraising have seldom been as low as they are today. However, that does not mean that a privately organized collection will quickly become a success.

Until a few years ago, the legal framework was clearly defined: so-called Collection Laws determined at the state level who was allowed to collect donations in cash and in kind under what conditions. In most federal states, however, these laws have been abolished - a step that has been criticized by many consumer advocates. Because now it is possible to collect donations for practically any legal purpose without a permit requirement.

Non-profit and commercial fundraisers “only” have to adhere to the provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB) or general regulatory law. This also applies to the used clothing collections, which are repeatedly subject to public criticism.

Create a reliable framework

So if you have discovered a need for help yourself and would like to get involved socially, you can easily do so. However, personal commitment is often not enough to raise significant donations. Many potential donors are suspicious of unknown “collectors” and want precise information and a reliable organizational framework. urgently recommends not to stand alone for a good cause. For activities that are planned long-term, it can be useful, for example, to have a (non-profit) To found an association. This non-profit status creates trust and brings the donors financial advantages, since the donation can then be deducted from the tax.

A good alternative is to bring your own energy to an existing aid organization or to work closely with this organization. Such an experienced organization brings important skills to a partnership, especially know-how in fundraising and in communication with important multipliers. In addition, the donation organization can use its "good name" alone to reduce mistrust.

Do good and ...

Also like to collect Companies Donations to demonstrate a social conscience and to polish up the company image. There is basically nothing wrong with such a strategy if the commitment is meant seriously. A little "self-promotion" is not only legal, it is absolutely legitimate. However, the public often reacts very sensitively to suspicions of predominantly self-interest. This is especially true for the media: only those who act altruistically and realistically aim for a significant donation should try their hand at press and public relations work.

How do you collect donations yourself?