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5 reasons for training to be a nurse

  1. 1. You are doing something useful
  2. 2. You never get bored
  3. 3. Your job is safe
  4. 4. Your job is social
  5. 5. The future prospects

You can choose between more than 300 apprenticeships after school. Not an easy task at all! If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the health sector, then you have probably already thought about what it is like to be a trainee as a nurse. You will learn how to draw blood, keep patient files, treat wounds, take care of nursing duties and assist doctors in their work. Are you still unsure whether this job is really made for you? Then here are 5 reasons for training to become a nurse!

1. You are doing something useful

Most of the people who are dissatisfied with their job state that they are not doing their job. They just don't see any point in their daily work. It goes without saying that it is becoming increasingly difficult to pull yourself up and drag yourself to work every day. This is not the case with health and nursing staff. In which, if not this profession, is there more sense? This professional group is needed. And that of people of all ages. Because you support patients in their recovery and make sure that they feel better again. You make an important contribution to the quality of life of your patients. If you have any questions about health issues, you will listen carefully to them, advise them and give them tips for a healthier lifestyle after their discharge from the hospital. But you also take care of relatives and support them after a bad diagnosis. A job that is not always easy, but incredibly important and fulfilling!

2. You never get bored

Perhaps you also know this from an internship: Your gaze constantly wanders to the clock because you simply don't feel like doing the same for hours. Once you have chosen to train to be a nurse, you will no longer have this problem. Your day-to-day work could look something like this: handing patients breakfast, interrupting work in between because emergency calls come in from other rooms, then assisting the doctor with a few treatments, then keeping patient files, handing lunch, preparing an operation, drawing blood from another patient , then go back to the PC and enter data, write a care report, check emergency calls again, and and and. Before you can look at the clock for the first time, it's already over! Everyday working life that you will definitely never get bored of!

3. Your job is safe

Do you remember when people were still buying video tapes and video rental shops popping up like mushrooms in every city? Well, neither one nor the other still exists today. You cannot foresee which jobs are future-proof and which are not. But when it comes to the profession of health and nurse, one can say with a certain degree of certainty: You are always needed! Because no matter how good the medical progress is, people will always get sick, break a leg, have a heart attack or anything else that requires medical support. Since birth rates are falling and our society is getting older, more and more nursing staff will be needed in the next few years.

4. Your job is social

Teamwork is an important part of the work in healthcare. During your apprenticeship you will work closely with your colleagues. In this job you also work hand in hand with the treating doctors, but at the same time you are also an intermediary between doctor and patient or doctor and relatives. During your work you are never alone, but always part of a strong team! When working with other trainees, you can share your experiences, and you can learn a lot from experienced nurses! It is not uncommon for this close cooperation to create friendships for life! Working in a team is simply more fun than working alone.

5. The future prospects

Thousands of healthcare professionals are already lacking today. For you that would mean: Your chances of finding an apprenticeship are very good! Just like your chances of being taken over by a company after the end of this. And the prospects for an open-ended employment contract, unlike in many other industries, are very rosy. If you choose to train as a nurse, you have the opportunity to specialize in a certain area. You could do further training as a specialist in social and health services, as an operating room nurse, or as a quality manager in the healthcare sector! These were just a few, the choice is quite large. If you have graduated from high school before your apprenticeship, or if you have successfully completed your apprenticeship and gained a few years of professional experience, you can also go to university! How about studying nursing management? Medical or nursing education? Or do you just go into self-employment with your own care and social service?

Here you can find detailed information on the training occupation of health and nursing staff.

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