How do I get rid of moisture

Wet walls: the best tips against moisture

Wet walls lead to mold and thus endanger your health. So that the walls dry off and don't get damp again, we show you the best tips in this article.

No more wet walls - tips against moisture

Moisture is present in every house; there is no such thing as completely dry air. But in some houses the moisture collects more than in others - this is often related to structural problems. You can take action against the increased humidity with little effort.

  • If you see wet stains on your wall, they must be dried off immediately. A fan heater that you place in front of the walls will help you with this. However, the fan heater only helps you with smaller areas, you need a construction dryer for everything else. Maintain sufficient distance from the wall and check occasionally that the wallpaper does not get too warm.
  • Tip: Remove the wallpaper from the wet walls, because this is the only way you can see where the moisture is really coming from. Paper wallpapers disperse moisture very quickly and sometimes make the problem seem bigger than it really is. Without wallpaper, you can also see cracks in the wall through which the moisture may have penetrated.
  • Especially with exterior walls, there is a risk of moisture being drawn into the interior through the masonry. If your walls, which have an outside, are preferably wet, you should have the masonry checked by an expert. The problem can only be solved by draining it.
  • Ventilation: If the moisture does not come through the masonry, you are ventilating incorrectly. The moisture stays in the house and settles on the walls - proper ventilation is particularly important after cooking or showering. Keep the humidity in your house as low as possible and it is best to check the value with a hygrometer. The maximum humidity should be 60 percent.
  • In addition to better ventilation, set up some dehumidifiers in your apartment, lower the humidity and reduce the risk of wet walls.

In addition to wet walls in the house, the basement is particularly affected by excessively high humidity. The next home tip tells you what you can do about a damp basement.