Can superglue withstand heat

Cold-resistant adhesive

The (almost) all-purpose glue from HG: Gluing even at low temperatures

Plastics in particular become brittle and break at low temperatures. To repair them, you need an adhesive that can even withstand the refrigerator and freezer climate. But the glue seam of many adhesives on materials other than plastic also becomes porous as a result of the cold. The adhesive and the granulate of the HG Power Glue form a firm and permanent bond with the substrate, even in cold weather. The material created when the two substances are combined can withstand temperatures from minus 45 ° C to plus 115 ° C without any problems. The stability of the glue point is similar to that of a weld seam. Large repair areas such as filled holes and cracks or even reshaped parts remain cold-resistant in the long term. If an adhesive withstands low temperatures, that already speaks for the first-class quality: The innovative HG adhesive is cold-resistant and can also be used on approx. 93% of all materials. Regardless of whether plastic, ABS, ceramic, rubber, wood, stone, porcelain or many other materials - the "HG special adhesive for everything" is widely known as the "welding seam from the bottle" and a real problem solver.

Unique and innovative - the cold-resistant superglue from HG

Why spend a lot of money on buying new expensive items because the "old" ones have broken down? The precious floor vase or the noble porcelain cup from the antique collection no longer have to be disposed of "just like that", but with the HG glue it is child's play to repair them quickly and inexpensively. The hardening of the chemical weld seam only takes a few seconds. In addition, the extremely high resilience and weather-resistant properties of this premium adhesive are remarkable. Whether heat or cold, water or other external influences - this adhesive is truly the best choice for countless applications.

This and more can be processed effectively and sustainably with the HG adhesive:

  • Cracks in the vehicle bumper
  • broken brackets on the headlight
  • destroyed panels on the caravan
  • quick repairs to kids' toys
  • broken ceramic vases
  • broken china
  • fragile rubber materials
  • extreme fractures, for example if materials or parts are missing

The miracle glue from HG is suitable for everyone. Whether man or woman, hobby craftsman or mechanic - the high-performance product is ideal for use in the private and commercial sector. You can bond everything that belongs together with the cold and heat resistant adhesive and it literally remains united "for eternity". If you use the adhesive on glass or Plexiglas without the powder, the adhesive remains transparent. It is therefore it is not immediately apparent later that the material has been repaired beforehand.

The tool from the bottle

The plastic adhesive sticks much more than "just" plastic. True to the motto: "Repair instead of throwing away", this adhesive, which is cold and heat resistant, helps to effectively support the current sustainability trend. Is your favorite cup broken or is the picture frame on the wall cracked? Then you don't have to just throw things away. Without further ado, use the HG superglue, which is cold-resistant, and wait a few moments. You'll be surprised at the items that can be restored in a snap.