What are subjects in MBA

Elective subject

Elective subject means that a student or pupil has to choose one (or more) subjects from a subject area or course offer.

The linguistically somewhat precarious word formation "elective subject" combines two fundamentally contradicting factors. These are courses that are prescribed by the study or examination regulations, insofar as they represent a "compulsory subject". The "choice" comes because the student can and must make his choice from a range of several subjects.


Depending on the subject, examinations must be taken in one or more elective subjects. A compulsory elective must usually be selected in the main course. Depending on the study regulations, a subject can be chosen as a compulsory elective or as a minor.

Since the courses of the compulsory elective subjects are not held every semester, the student must inform himself in good time. The partially prescribed planning of the course of study is helpful here.

As a rule, pupils choose certain elective subjects in the upper school in order to comply with the examination regulations. An elective subject is a school subject that has to be selected from a group of subjects; the course is referred to as a compulsory elective course or a compulsory elective course.

Elective subjects must be completed and passed for a successful Bachelor or Abitur.

The idea

The idea of ​​the compulsory elective subjects is to give the pupils and students the opportunity to choose a focus that interests them particularly and in which there is the opportunity to gain special qualifications.

Elective courses should therefore be selected according to the special abilities and interests of each individual, so that there is a good chance that this learning offer particularly appeals to pupils and students.

Elective subjects and compulsory subjects

A compulsory optional subject has the same meaning as all other compulsory subjects. Both must be attended and passed regularly.

Frequent absence or failure of the exams can endanger the promotion or graduation.

The compulsory elective should give the students the opportunity to develop their own strengths. Therefore, you should carefully consider an elective subject so as not to waste your time and energy.