What material are your kitchen counters

The kitchen worktop as a counter, bar or table

How can the counter, bar or table be installed in the kitchen?

In smaller - mostly single-row or L-shaped - fitted kitchens, for example, there is the option of planning the worktop with an overhang or expanding it with an extension table with a worktop look.

Depending on taste, kitchen design and spatial conditions, the "table top" can be integrated into the kitchen equipment. One proves to be particularly practical Extension of the worktop at the same height, as this creates a very uniform image and the table can also be used as a work surface.

For a "correct “counter optics with a raised seating position the plate should be installed elevated. The table constructions are mostly given stability by a support leg, which is often available in different versions such as stainless steel or wood. Instead of supporting feet, the table top can also be extended to the floor.

In the case of spacious or open-plan kitchen solutions, the kitchen bar can also be used as a visual delimitation to the living area. If the worktop is extended a little on the outside of a kitchen island, for example, the counter looks like it has been cast from one piece. The plate can also be placed directly on the kitchen worktop so that it protrudes a little. A thicker panel gives a particularly modern look. With the help of short support feet, the counter top can be positioned higher as a counter top. Bar stools complete the overall picture of the bar.

Before you decide on an installation variant, you should check how much additional space you really need and how far the panels should or may protrude.