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From hearty to creamy: 14 vegetarian soups and stews

Cold days call for hot soups just waiting to be spooned. Whether velvety cream soup, hearty stew or fruity-exotic soup - thanks to lots of fresh vegetables and vegetarian alternatives to classic mince, sausages and the like, every soup killer and connoisseur will find their favorite soul warmer among these 14 hot creations.

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Hearty and hearty

Spicy savoy cabbage stew with vegetarian sausage

Savoy cabbage stew doesn't taste good without sausage? No problem: In addition to chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, savoy cabbage, strong broth and chilli, this autumn stew also includes hearty sausages. But shhh ... nobody will notice that they are vegetarian if you don't tell. To the recipe

Vegan lentil quinoa soup

Where do lenses like to land? In a hearty soup, of course. If quinoa, crunchy carrots, curry and fresh lemon are also part of the party, things can really go well in the soup bowl. To the recipe

Tomato tortellini soup with pesto

Anyone can do tortellini in sauce. The vegetarian-filled pasta bites are at least as delicious as a fillet in hot tomato soup. Red pesto with chilli brings the right seasoning into play and the fresh tomato and basil topping provides the Mediterranean touch. To the recipe


Italian lentil soup with kale

Time for kale means time for hearty soup - at least in Italy. There, the green winter vegetables are traditionally boiled down with lentils, celery and thyme to make a spicy soup with an extra portion and served hot with a large ladle. To the recipe

Hot and creamy

Cheese and leek soup with vegetarian mince and bread chips

Classic cheese and leek soup can also be different: Here it shows its creamy side and, thanks to the vegetarian mince, even comes without meat. For this, the leek and cheese base is finely pureed, the veggie mince is seared and can be added on top as a spicy extra. There are homemade bread chips for dipping and dipping. To the recipe

Vegan potato soup with roasted cauliflower

Your potato soup has never seen this fillet: crispy cashew nuts, fresh parsley and plenty of roasted cauliflower. And not only the new favorite insert is vegan, the creamy soup also remains plant-based thanks to potatoes and almond milk. To the recipe

Tomato and pumpkin soup with croutons

Pumpkin and tomato are particularly fond of each other in autumn. That's why they got together for this delicious soup creation and gathered in the soup bowl. So that the vegetable duo doesn't get bored, crispy croutons are added to the pot. To the recipe

Classic creamy potato soup

Classic fan? Then this hot meal is exactly what your spoon has been waiting for. A traditional potato soup, as creamy, thick, hot and spicy as it is in the book. Add a handful of crispy croutons and you'll be in seventh soup heaven. To the recipe

Quick spinach and pea cream soup

A quick number from the kitchen? Nothing easier than that. Reduce the bright green peas and spinach with the cream, puree and pour creamy hot into a glass. Garnished with a few pumpkin seeds and basil and sealed tightly, the ideal soup for the next lunch. To the recipe

Creamy sweet potato soup

Sweet potatoes to power! The sweet sisters of the good old potato can do more than just a side dish. Instead of in the form of wedges from the oven or fluffy puree, they become a soup star here with spicy broth, coconut oil, turmeric and pine nuts in the cup. To the recipe

Fruity and exotic

Spinach coconut soup with cauliflower

Even Popeye turns green with envy at the sight. Even he has never seen spinach so delicious and creamy. From now on, he prefers to eat his green power vegetables with a dash of coconut milk and maple syrup and with a spicy chili-cress topping. To the recipe

Carrot and ginger soup with veggie sausages in a dressing gown

Whether you like it or not - the vegetarian sausages simply have to be dipped into the exotic soup made from sweet carrots, fruity oranges and hot ginger. Her crunchy coat made of tahini, sesame and freshly baked puff pastry does not protect her from this either. To the recipe

Purple potato soup with blueberries

Those who like purple will love this soup. In the chic lilac tone and with colorful flowers, it really brings color to the spoon. So that the taste is in no way inferior to the look, the colorful soup is cooked with fruity blueberries and topped with airy coconut foam. To the recipe

Kohlrabi soup with coconut and turmeric

Actually, its name does not do justice to this soup: "Kohlrabi-carrot-sweet potato-ginger-chili-coconut soup with lemongrass" would probably be more appropriate. But name or name - if all these aroma bombs end up in one bowl, the taste explosion in the mouth is guaranteed. To the recipe