How wide is a typical man's penis

Mini, midi, maxi: THAT is what you need to know about penis sizes

Unfortunately, it's such a thing with the penis. There is a tremendous amount of fuss about size, width, cropped or uncircumcised. For us women this is not always entirely understandable. But we are understanding when it comes to our partner. So here's everything you need to know about THE big topic: penis size.

Unfortunately, it's the same with the man's penis as with all symbols of status and masculinity: it's always about bigger, faster, further. So in the case of "bigger". More is more - that is the general way of thinking. After all, the male penis is an important, if not THE most important part of manhood. And the following applies: the bigger it is, the more potent its owner is.

Life is not a porn film

Apart from the fact that this is of course nonsense, it is unfortunately the case that men are no different from us women: We are supplied with a lot of role models from the media and put under pressure - unnaturally slim with huge breasts and a big plump buttocks - should we all look the same?

Role models that usually have little to do with reality. For men, this means that even in their early teenage years, they see actors with larger than average genitals in porn films. And so it can happen that men think that anything under 22 centimeters is a disaster.

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Size is not everything

As a boy, you have the opportunity to secretly compare your measurements in the school yard with those of your buddies to check that everything is okay. Even in adulthood, some men secretly switch to the next man in public bathrooms to make sure that they are within the normal range.

And one fear in particular gnaws at male self-confidence: the fear of not being able to satisfy women with too little "part".

Friendly vagina

We could calm down the men's world quickly: The erogenous zones of women are limited to the front part of the vagina. The intensity of sexual pleasure does not only depend on the size of the penis, because men with a small penis can easily reach this zone.

More important than the length is the diameter, so we don't need a porn star in bed! And the vagina is stretchable. So it encloses the penis - no matter how big or small it is. Only when it is very thin and very short does it become a little difficult to enclose it - and thus also to stimulate the erogenous female zones.

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How is penis size measured?

For all men who want to know and all women who still doubt the actual penis size of their partner: the length can be measured with a standard ruler. In the erect state, measurements are taken from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans. To determine the circumference, the tape measure is placed around the widest part of the male member.

The commercially available penis sizes:

  • Under 8 centimeters: This is called a micropenis. Only 3 percent of men are affected.
  • 15 centimeters: is the average penis size in Germany (in the penis study of the Pro Familia sex advice center and the Essen University Clinic, it is exactly 14.48 cm).
  • 12.4 centimeters: is the average penis size.
  • More than 20 centimeters: With this XXL model you have the best prerequisites to become a nude model or a porn star. Disadvantage: At this size, sexual intercourse can even be painful for women.

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Penis size in other cultures

A large genital area is not always a sign of potency. Even in ancient Greece - seen in many statues - a small, non-erect genitalia was considered a status symbol: the smaller the male member, the higher his intellect and virtue. Only in this way can the wearer keep a cool head.

There are also a number of scientific studies (including by the World Health Organization WHO) that see a connection between a man's geographical origin and the size of his sexual organ.

However, we shouldn't rashly assume that every inhabitant of a country inevitably has to follow this pattern: Men of African origin are not necessarily always better equipped, and not all Asians automatically have a small genitalia!

And studies say one more thing: we women can stop staring at men's feet. Because the shoe size says nothing about the size of a man's penis, despite popular belief. Neither does the nose or the hands.

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Corrections and extensions

There are men who are so unhappy with their penis size that they even think of penile surgery. But even in the case of a "micropenis", the health insurance company will only cover the cost of surgical penis correction if the finding is recognized as an illness.

Operations for purely aesthetic reasons, on the other hand, are not paid for. You should also keep in mind that erectile function may decrease after an operation. And that's a bit of a risk for an inch or two, isn't it?

Alternative methods of penis enlargement include herbal pills or mechanical stretching devices that sound more like torture than something helpful. However, we will leave it open whether this will achieve a satisfactory result.

Important note at the end: Of course, everyone is free to find what they like beautiful and nobody should feel restricted by any guidelines. Ultimately, we should live diversity instead of chasing after some kind of ideal or uniformity. With this in mind: feel free to be as you see it right.