Do you love happiness

Do you love your life

Do you know the feeling that sometimes you could cry with happiness? Some moments are full of magic and get under your skin so that you get goose bumps?

It is the love of freedom. The freedom to do what you want, what makes you happy, and not what others want you to do. Each of us has the opportunity. It may be a little harder for one person than it is for the other. Nevertheless, everyone can decide to lead a self-determined life - no matter what the circumstances are for you.

Live your life like it's your last day! There are no guarantees in life! Not even if you have 20 insurance policies. Don't plan so much and try to enjoy the moment, just take a deep breath and think of nothing and just feel yourself ... nothing else. Try to listen in to hear or feel what you really want and not what others are telling you what you have to want.

We live in a fast time, full of input from which we are littered so that we no longer have time to breathe and think. The news tells us what to worry about on a daily basis. Security has just become a huge industry. Only the security mind prevents us from LIVING! Then everything will be done for us. Everyone knows how life should go ... and woe betide you don't stick to it! Like robots, many of us only work - for the system! Money is their god, and we participate. But inner wealth is so much more important than outer!

I'm sitting at the airport in Phuket and waiting for my flight to Koh Samui, I have tears in my eyes and I am incredibly grateful that I am allowed to lead this life. I feel so infinitely free! I don't know if it really is me. At least that's what it feels like, and that's enough for me. I wish that you feel just like me, because it is an indescribably beautiful feeling.

Free yourself from old thought patterns and plunge into life! I believe in fate that each of us has a job to do, which makes me braver, freer and more adventurous. If you believe in something, then so be it. Try to direct your mind because it can be dangerous. If your mind tells you that you are nothing and that you cannot do anything, then so be it ... but only because you believe that. The reverse would be so much nicer!

And what's the point of all the planning anyway? You plan like you've got forever. But you don't! Everything is postponed until it's too late. And then when you get old you regret all the things you haven't done. Are you brave enough to lead your own life or do you still listen to others? Do you take enough time for the people and the things you love?

I see life as a journey myself. Whether it will be an exciting long-distance journey with lots of new impressions and challenges or your balcony is up to you!

So out of the damn box 😀

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