When did Roxy Music make it big?

Bryan Ferry makes himself really comfortable in his noble abode, he lights the fireplace and drinks tea. The Roxy Music singer rented the Crumlin Lodge on the rugged Irish west coast to give free rein to his creativity. The pressure is great, with the last album "Flesh and Blood", his band made it to the top of the British charts for the first time. The next disc has to re-ignite in order to finally establish itself. Ferry looks thoughtfully through the large window front at the lashing sea and becomes more and more melancholy day by day. He would love to write a concept album in which all the songs are related.

Finally he changes his plan and writes ten dark poems about separation, loss and death. Among other things, a number about the tragic end of a love affair. And that although Bryan Ferry is actually happily in love with his future wife Lucy Helmore. But the rough Irish sea pulls everyone under its spell and thus helps Ferry to create a masterpiece of dark melancholy. The album "Avalon" received critical acclaim and the single "More than this" was one of the most successful singles for Roxy Music.

... is about the end of a love. "At that time I had the feeling that I couldn't have known. Leaves falling at night. Who can tell where the wind will take them? Hopefully they will learn why the sea has no choice when the tide changes. But what is more important - there is just nothing. "

Cover versions ...

... is from the duo Madison Park and Alex Christensen alias Jasper Forks.

And today?

Roxy Music are long gone. The band split in 1983, and in 2001 they reunited for a short time. Bryan Ferry has had a successful solo career since then.