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Corona in Greece

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has also left its mark on Greece in the past few months. Nevertheless, Hellas has been very combative so far. The tough measures on the part of the government have Corona in Greece little attack surface offered.

Current corona numbers from Greece

Incidence: 125 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants

New Corona cases: 1,505 (May 22)

Daily report (in Greek): EODY overview

The Greeks immediately withdrew in their freedom-loving manner and stayed at home. That's how they are Corona infected in Greece, in contrast to Italy, Spain, France or Turkey, it is much lower.

Our friend Andrea, who lives in Kos, said to us in October 2019: “Let's hope that 2020 will be a good year again, a great season for the people in Greece! And hopefully this time without the financial crisis, earthquake or refugee disaster ”.

Such a crisis, which affects the entire global economy and above all forces the travel industry to a standstill, could hardly have been foreseen. In 2020 the Start of the season in Greecepostponed by almost 3 months.

Since we don't have a crystal ball either, we refrain from wild speculation or vague predictions as to when the travel situation will completely normalize again in 2021. It is important that we all keep this up confident and positive stay!

Tourism start in Greece: Greece has welcomed all holidaymakers since May 15, 2021!

"We are sure that we will all be able to enjoy the Greek sun in 2021."

This post should give you the current corona situation show in Greece. We only go into the most important facts. Almost all travelers who visited Greece in 2020 look back longingly on their vacation.

Corona in Greece at a glance

  1. Outlook Greece vacation 2021
  2. Entry requirements for Greece
  3. Travel advice for holidays in Greece
  4. Current corona situation in Greece
  5. A piece of Greece for your home

# 1 outlook Greece vacation 2021

Some people's fingers are tingling again when they think about their next vacation in Greece. In all honesty, you'd like to get up straight away "Book now" click? The wanderlust to Greece hurts so much. The currently falling Corona numbers in Greece are optimistic for a vacation in the blue and white paradise.

"There is good hope for an extended summer vacation in Greece."

Since April 19, applies to citizens of the EU and the Schengen area (including Switzerland)no quarantine requirement upon entry to Greece (source: end of quarantine). Provided travelers have a negative PCR test or a full Covid19 vaccination. The yellow vaccination certificate is recognized upon entry.

Corona update According to the new entry regulation of the federal government from May 13th there is no quarantine for returnees from normal risk areas, provided there is a negative corona test or a complete corona vaccination or recovery (source: Spiegel Reisen). So a vacation in Greece without quarantine is currently possible.

Furthermore, an entry form (PLF) must be filled out at least 24 hours before arrival. On entry you canrandom rapid tests be performed. Since the end of April, in addition to Athens, the airports of Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Kos, Chania, Heraklion, Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu have been served (source: Earlier Tourism).

When is it possible to go on holiday in Greece again?

It has been officially back on since May 15thGreece vacation possible. The Greek Tourism Minister Theoharis announced this on March 9th. Greece welcomes all tourists who quote: “a corona vaccination, an antibody test or a negative corona test.” (Source: ITB GTP)

Greece Corona information shortly

As of May 19, 2021

Entry into Greece: PLF form as well as negative PCR test or proof of vaccination

Arrival in Greece: Car via Bulgaria and North Macedonia, ferry from Italy or direct flight

Ferries to Greek islands: since May 15th with corona self-test or vaccination certificate

Compulsory vaccination for vacation: No compulsory vaccination for holidays in Greece

Quarantine requirement in Greece: no more quarantine for EU citizens since April 19th

Greece as a risk area: currently all of Hellas is considered a normal risk area

Return to Germany: since May 13th no return quarantine with negative test

Opening of restaurants, bars & Co: open since May 3rd (outdoor area)

The government in Athens wants a large part of the Greek population by June Islands as "Covid-Free" declare. Currently, Astypalea, Chalki, Lipsi, Nisyros, Kastellorizo ​​and many more apply. as “Corona-Free” Greek Islands (source: Covid-Free Islands).

Until when is Greece in lockdown?

Greece wasuntil April 5th in hard lockdown. The retail trade then opened. Further economic areas were gradually opened up (gastronomy on May 3rd). Some corona rules currently still apply (mask requirement in public spaces). Gradual further easing is to be decided in the next few weeks.

Current Corona notice Since May 15, tourists can again travel to the Greek islands by ferry. A negative corona test (including rapid test) is required for transport. In the case of a self-test, the passenger must carry a type of self-disclosure with them. Island hoppers should ideally print them out before going on holiday and bring them with them: quick test ferry printout

Since April 26th there are again the followingGreek islands direct flights: Rhodes, Kos, Crete (Chania, Heraklion), Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu. The other Greek airports (including Skiathos, Kalamata, Kefalonia, etc.) will be served again from mid-May. It is now possible to move around the whole country again.

When should I book my Greece vacation?

As far as travel bookings are concerned, it is already evident that flexibility is more important than ever - for vacationers as well as for travel agencies. Nevertheless, no one can currently predict the end of the pandemic and the lifting of all associated measures.

Large tourism groups like TUI are luring them in attractive early bird discounts and offer flexible rebooking and cancellation options. Tour operators now offer free cancellations up to 14 days before departure. Other tourism companies also offer vacation trips with “Covid-Protect” and travel cancellation insurance.

→ Here you can Offers from TUI check directly: early bird Greece

Even individualists will choose accommodation that will be available until shortly before arrival can be canceled free of charge are. On Booking you can have the corresponding hotels, holiday houses and apartments displayed: Accommodation Greece

We personally trusted in a timid one Season start at the end of April 2021. With the end of the quarantine on April 19, this actually happened. Individualists and campers who largely put together their travel modules and routes themselves have been back in Hellas since the Greek Easter.

For all holidaymakers who are flirting with a Greece package tour, things really get going from May 15th. Numerous tour operators such as TUI, FTI, LTUR or ITS are currently outbidding each other with attractive package tours for Greek islands such as Rhodes, Kos and Crete.

We would like to mention that we have many readers of theirspositive experiences reported on vacation 2020 in Greece. Also this year Greece vacationers will benefit from partly empty beaches and less crowds at popular sights (Acropolis, Lindos on Rhodes, Oia Santorini etc.).

A lot of Greek coffee went into this article ☺ If you want to support our journalistic activities, then treat us both of the next dose of caffeine. We say: Thank you very much - Efcharisto para poli!

# 2 entry requirements for Greece

Since July 1, 2020 before entering Greece the online form (PLF = passenger localization form) must be filled out. After registration, the type of entry (plane, ferry, etc.), the home address and the hotel in Greece will be requested. When you go island hopping, you choose your first two accommodations.

Every holidaymaker must fill out the PLF form at least 24 hours before arrival in Greece. It is advisable to create a separate form for unmarried couples as well. Children are recorded as a “family member” of an adult.Families can use a QR code apply for entry into Greece.

No later than the The day before departure at 23:00 your QR code will be sent to you by email (PDF file). If you have the opportunity, you can also print out the PDF document. Alternatively, you show the Greek border officer the QR code on your smartphone when you enter the country. About the VisitGreece app the code can also be read out.

Click here for the online form: Passenger Locator Form

Help to fill in the PLF online form for Greece

Our simple one Instructions for filling in You can download the PLF entry form for Greece free of charge as a PDF here: PLF form fill-in aid

  1. Register at the portal at least 24 hours before departure and fill out the PLF form
  2. If the website does not work, use a different internet browser (e.g. Firefox or Opera)
  3. In order to avoid discrepancies during airport check-in, adult vacationers from different households should fill out individual forms
  4. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 are added as a family member on a parent's form
  5. Transit or open jaw flights in Greece can be entered as an “internal flight connection”
  6. For further trips within the country and domestic flights, NO additional PLF form has to be filled in, ONLY when entering and leaving Greece
  7. You will be asked whether there is a negative PCR test or a vaccination (vaccination date)
  8. After completing the form, you will be sent a confirmation email
  9. The PLF form including QR code is generated immediately and you can download it as a PDF (in the “My dashboard” area)
  10. If there are changes to the travel data (e.g. flight postponed or another hotel), you can edit the existing PLF under “My dashboard”
  11. If you do not receive a QR code, fill out the form again
  12. When checking in at the airport, the ferry terminal (Italy) and the national border, you show the QR code as a PDF on your smartphone, via the VisitGreece app or as a printout

Do I need a PCR test to enter Greece?

A negative PCR test is required to enter Greece. This must not be older than 72 hours on arrival (date of sampling). The negative PCR test is required to enter Greece by air, land and sea. A full Covid19 vaccination frees vacationers from the test.

Important information for familiesChildren from the age of 5 years also need a PCR test for entry into Greece. There is no compulsory test for small children under 5 years of age. In addition, children under the age of 4 are “exempt” from the mask requirement in Greece.

Do I need a corona vaccination for my vacation in Greece?

Greek Tourism Minister Theoharis declared in March that vaccinated vacationers with fewer restrictions can count on entering Greece (source: KTG). A vaccination certificate as a prerequisite for vacation is not required (source: HAD).

Since April 19, a full vaccination against Corona has enabled a vacation in Greece without quarantine. An additional PCR test is not required once the vaccination has been completed. The complete vaccination with two vaccination doses must be at least 14 days old and documented in a vaccination certificate from the home country.

Theoharis declared on May 4th that for the time being the yellow vaccination card as vaccination certificate sufficient for a vacation in Greece (source: ZDF). According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), the yellow vaccination certificate is considered to be “leading”. A future digital vaccination certificate serves as a "voluntary" supplement (source: Infection Protection Act)

Is the yellow vaccination certificate sufficient for entering Greece?

Yes, according to the Greek embassy, ​​the yellow vaccination card is sufficient to enter Greece. A complete corona vaccination (two doses) must be documented in the vaccination certificate. Holidaymakers with a full corona vaccination do not have to show an additional PCR test or go into quarantine.

Here is the answer to our query to the Greek Embassy in Berlin:

“Dear Sir / Madam

In response to your message, we assure you that you can enter Greece with your international vaccination booklet (yellow passport), with the date of your vaccination, the type of vaccination and a clear stamp of your doctor. You do not need to do a PCR test and there is no quarantine if 14 days have passed after vaccination.

With best regards

Consular section of the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Berlin ”

Information about the digital corona vaccination card for Greece

On February 26th, the EU Commission approved the development of a digital vaccination certificate pronounced. The EU vaccination certificate should be available free of charge as a QR code for the smartphone and as a print version until July and guarantee a safe holiday in Corona times. More information is available here: Corona vaccination certificate

The Greek Deputy Prime Minister emphasized in this connection that Greece tooVacation without vaccination will be possible. In order to rule out discrimination against non-vaccinated persons, a negative PCR test is required upon entry, which must not be older than 72 hours (source: BBC).

Secured on vacation: The travel insurance package from Allianz Travel offers travel cancellation insurance as well as international health insurance including corona benefits. More information is available here: Travel insurance for Greece

Do I have to be in quarantine when entering Greece?

As a citizen of the EU (e.g. Germany, Austria) and the Schengen area, as well as the USA and Israel, you can currently enter Greece without quarantine. The prerequisite for this is a negative corona test or a complete corona vaccination. Until April 19, there was a 7-day period Quarantine obligation upon entry.

Random Rapid tests on entry will continue to be carried out on the basis of the PLF form (QR code) at all airports and ferry ports, as well as at national borders. You can then continue to your destination in Greece or your hotel. If the decision is negative, you will not be informed of the result.

What happens if I test positive for Corona?

If you test positive for Corona by means of a rapid test, a subsequent PCR test will be carried out. You can continue to travel to your destination for the time being. If you then tested positive for Corona, you will be within48 hours after entry contacted by phone.

In this case, the Greek authorities will pick you up at your specified location and if your symptoms are mild for 14 days in a quarantine hotel accommodate. The Greek state bears the costs for this. Family members are considered “close contacts” and are also isolated there. Positive car drivers are allowed to return home at the land border.

Further information is available here: Procedure Covid-19 positive

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Entry by air, land and sea in corona times

You can currently travel to Greece by car, ferry or plane. The prerequisite for this is the PLF form (QR code) and a negative PCR test or a complete proof of vaccination (at least 14 days old).The yellow vaccination certificate is sufficient until a digital certificate is published.

  • Arrival by plane: since April 26th to Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Kos, Chania, Heraklion, Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu
  • Arrival by land: the Balkan route is possible via EU and Schengen countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria (border crossings Promachonas and Ormenio) or North Macedonia (Evzoni). Coming from Albania you are currently only allowed to enter Greece with a valid reason (job, place of residence).
  • Arrival by ferry: the journey via Italy by ferry has been possible since July 1, 2020

We took the route Brindisi (Italy) to Igoumenitsa (Greece) last July and entered Greece without any problems. The PLF form must be presented at the ferry terminal in Italy.

Ferries and domestic flights For flights within the country and Ferry connections to the Greek islands According to the Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA / YPA), a negative Corona test has to be presented since May 15th. Self-tests (not older than 24 hours) are also accepted. A self-assessment must be completed for this. Fully vaccinated people are not affected by this rule.

Important provisions when entering by land

The journey to Greece with your own car via the Balkan route is currently a bit cumbersome, but quite possible. Some Balkan states are located not in the Schengen area and determine their border openings in times of Corona individually. On the website reopen.europa there is detailed entry information to the EU countries.

The European Commission has provided a corona map there with all the important information and travel advice in the individual member states. Greece holidaymakers who want to travel by car can find out about possible transit restrictions. The information field (circle with arrow) is on the top right.

Greece currently authorizes land entry for tourists only from Bulgaria to theBorder crossings Promachonas and Ormenio (open 24 hours) as well as from North Macedonia at the border crossing Evzoni (open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.). Other Balkan border stations may only be passed for a valid reason (occupation, place of residence, nationality) or a quarantine is due.

Furthermore, as a vacationer, you are only allowed to go with one negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or with proof of vaccination. Corona rapid tests are carried out on the border with Greece. Longer waiting times during the 2021 holiday season can be expected due to the rush.

# 3 travel advice for a vacation in Greece

They have been running again since April 26thDirect flights from Germany and other EU countries to the Greek islands. The ferry ports in Italy and some border crossings between Bulgaria and North Macedonia and Greece are also open to EU tourist traffic.

Current travel advice: All information on travel and exit restrictions in Hellas for German citizens can be found on the website of the German representations in Greece: Greece Diplo

Is Greece a Corona Risk Area?

According to the definition of the RKI Germany, it has been in effect since March 6th all of Greece as a risk area. The corona incidence value of the islands and mainland regions is currently over 50. For returnees to Germany, the corresponding test and quarantine rules of the respective federal state apply.

The Federal Foreign Office and the ADAC provide detailed information on their portals on how to proceed when traveling to risk areas. A list of which European countries are currently considered risk areas (50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) can be found here: Covid-19 risk areas

Travelers with their own car should carefully observe the Balkan countries before returning from Greece. There is a very dynamic corona situation in the Balkans. From one day to the next, states can be regarded as risk areas or their status can be revoked.

If you should travel from Greece by ferry via Italy, then you need as Transit traveler a negative PCR test and must leave Italy within 36 hours. If you plan to stay longer in Italy after your vacation in Greece, a 5-day quarantine is planned until May 15th.

What must be considered when leaving Greece?

German citizens must check out before returning from vacation register online. After entering your data (address, type of travel, travel date, etc.) at the entry registration portal, you will receive a confirmation which must be presented at the airport in Germany. At the same time, the health department is informed.

Furthermore, the new entry regulation writes to the federal government Air travel requires a test before departure before, regardless of the risk area status of the country:

"Travelers in the air traffic must be tested before they leave and must submit a negative test result to the airline."

If Greece is classified as a normal risk area by the RKI, it applies to returnees by car that they "Provide evidence no later than 48 hours after entry must that they are not infected with the coronavirus ”(source: BMG ordinance).

→ Information on the return journey and quarantine for Germany is available from the Federal Foreign Office

Where can I take a test when I leave Greece?

A test when returning to Germany is mandatory for air travelers. In Greece it willTest possibilities at the respective airports give. Furthermore, with the start of the holiday season there will also be hotels that will set up test stations on site. If in doubt, please ask directly at your accommodation in Greece.

→ Enclosed you will find an overview for Corona test centers / laboratories on the Greek islands and mainland regions:

Island / regionplaceSurname
CreteChaniaIASIS Hospital
CreteChaniaTherapeutic Center
CreteMaliaCretan Medicare
CreteHersonissosCretan Medicare
CreteHeraklionCreta InterClinic
CreteHeraklionKnossos Diagnosis
CreteHeraklionIrodotos Med
CreteRethymnonEuromedica Kritis
PeloponneseKalamataFalirea's Med Center
PeloponneseKalamataRoumpea Paraskevi
PeloponneseNafplioLifecheck Nafplio
KarpathosPigadiaHippocrates Quick Med Clinic
KefaloniaArgostoliBioanalysis Lab
KosKos townKos Medicare
CorfuCorfu townGeneral Clinic "ALEXANDER MASTORAS"
CorfuAchiliouTherapia S.A. DAY CARE CLINIC - Diagnostic Center
MykonosChoraMykonos Medical