Who are some aspiring thriller writers

New thriller from Marchfeld: A non-reader as an author

Roman Klementovic, one of the new young suspense authors, on late calling, writing with a system or series as inspiration.

Roman Klementovic is 35, in three years he has published three novels, he is being hailed as one of the up-and-coming young authors, is currently on a reading tour, and visits schools on the side to encourage young people to read. That's kind of absurd.

“Actually, I shouldn't say that,” he says, “but I've never read. Until four or five years ago I wasn't interested at all. When I was supposed to give a lecture on a book at school, I took one that was made into a film and just watched the film, "says the author, who then went very fast with reading, writing and the publishing contract: Klementovic, born in Marchfeld and at home in Vienna for a few years, works after studying marketing at the record company Universal, which also sells audio books, so at some point he comes across “Snowman” by Jo Nesbø. After reading the audio book, he reads the book, then Nesbø's entire Harry Hole series, and that was it: "I was completely addicted to reading, a few months later I also wrote myself."

The reactions of the test readers to the first novel are still cautious, except for Klementovic's mother, nobody really thinks that it was a success, so he approaches the writing systematically: "I devoured books about writing novels," he says, books about plot structure and character development , Tension build-up and so on. To this end, he begins to systematically build up a network, contacts crime and thriller authors - Gerald Loibelsberger or Andreas Gruber thus become a kind of adviser - or finds a retired detective who always helps out when it comes to the plausibility of processes.

“You always think that an author just has to write, that's not it,” he says. And yet: “I found absolutely mine with it.” In 2015, his debut “Playful” was finally released, followed in 2016 by the critically acclaimed “Immerstill”, and at the beginning of September “Immervoll” was released. Like the previous novel, Immervoll is set in Marchfeld, a fictional village based on Breitensee in Marchfeld. And similar to his British and American role models, he tells a thriller with depth, surprising twists and turns and a dramatic showdown. A gloomy and desolate version of Marchfeld, the place where Klementovic grew up, serves as the backdrop.

He takes up topics such as the desertification of entire stretches of land, the abandoned inns and shops, the emigration to the city and so on. Above all, however, it is about the disappearance of a girl and the great evil that is always lurking. “That is the attraction of the thriller in contrast to the crime novel. In the crime thriller, the ultimate evil happened right from the start, in the thriller it is still ahead, like a ticking clock in the background. ”However, his next book will not be a thriller, not set in Marchfeld (“ it shouldn't be like, Soko Kitzbühel '") and will not appear until 2019. Maybe a love story or a comedy. Definitely something dramatic, he says.

"I'm not Donna Leon"

In addition, writing shouldn't become an assembly line work, “I'm not Donna Leon, who has been writing crime novels all her life. Although if I wrote like Donna Leon. . . ”He says, laughing. And tells of the enthusiasm when he held his first book in his hands: “I jumped through the apartment alone for joy”. In order to maintain this enthusiasm, writing and publishing should not become routine. And he also wants to bring this enthusiasm for literature closer to young people by attending schools on a regular basis. There he draws parallels between the current Netflix series of teenagers and world literature, explains what, for example, Spiderman and Jean-Baptiste Grenouille have in common, and shows that as a novelist today you can have sneakers and tattoos - or that you have to do it first later, suddenly, can find his enthusiasm.

To person

Roman Klementovic, Born 1982 and grew up in Marchfeld, discovered his love for writing relatively late after studying and doing jobs in marketing: In 2015 his first thriller, “Playful”, was published by Gmeiner-Verlag, followed in 2016 by “Immerstill”, most recently “Immerschuld” .

Current Klementovic reads from his work: For example on September 29th in Klagenfurt (Carinthian bookstore), on October 6th in Vienna (Intu.books), on October 11th in Wr. Neustadt (Thalia) or on October 17th at the crime night in the central cemetery in Vienna.

("Die Presse", print edition, 26.09.2017)