Leggings should be worn without underwear

Which leggings for sports

Stop, cut, material, ... Discover the criteria to consider and all of our tips to find the right leggings for your sport.


Leggings should be chosen carefully! Hold, material, opacity - many factors have to be taken into account so that you feel completely comfortable in your future leggings. Discover our tips to help you make the right choice.

Criteria for the right choice of sports leggings


Cotton sports leggings are extreme soft and comfortable. This garment, which is used in particular for fitness, stretching or Pilates, offers good support without constricting the waist.

Cardio leggings or Strength training offer a stronger compressionto improve blood circulation and promote regeneration. They offer one good hold. The special materials used for this type of pants facilitate the evacuation of moisture.

tip: Do not confuse the compression level and the size of the leggings! DECATHLON offers sports leggings in sizes XS to 3XL (Size 52) to make sure you are sure to find leggings in your size. How do you know the leggings will fit? You shouldn't feel constrained, but you should feel well supported.

The waistband of sports leggings is more or less wide and more or less high depending on the activity for which they are intended. Examples:

For intensive training like HIIT, we recommend leggings with a high waist and a good supportive waistband that goes over the hips. This will keep your pants from sliding down during exercise. You will also feel more comfortable running and jumping.

For gentle gymnastics or stretching you can choose high-waisted or low-waisted leggings, whichever you prefer.

Do you want to be well wrapped? Then opt for leggings with a high waist and a wide waistband. Flat stomach effect guaranteed!

Like sweatpants natural materials like cotton Intended for yoga sessions or for all other wellness activities that require little physical exertion (stretching, Pilates, gentle gymnastics, etc.).

Do you train intensely, then rather choose light synthetic fibers that allow the body to breathe. Elastane, polyester or polyamide are ideal for wicking away sweat during cardio training or running and keeping your body dry.

Your sports leggings should also contain elastane for comfort.

Care instructions: In most cases, you can machine wash your sports leggings. Prefer a gentle cycle at 40 ° C so that the pants are not damaged. Synthetic leggings should not be ironed. Let them air dry!

Depending on the sporting activity multiple fits available:

- Cycling shorts: These are short sports trousers that completely or partially cover the thighs.

- Capri- or 3/4 pants: It ends halfway through the calf and is an excellent compromise between long leggings and short sports pants.

- Short one or 7/8 leggings: This model ends below the calf and leaves the ankles free. A shortened version of leggings that offers good breathability during more intense fitness or Pilates training.

- Long leggings: They cover the entire length of the leg and end at ankle height. You are from above

elastic down to the bottom. It is the classic model for fitness and strength training.

- Flared leggings or Sports pants: These leggings are elastic at the top and gradually widen from the calf. A casual cut that can be used well for Pilates or gymnastics.


Nothing is more uncomfortable than transparent sports leggings, which you can see through your underwear when training in the gym ... To save yourself this worry during the squats, you should make sure that you choose sports leggings with a dense weave and thus good opacity.

Warning, don't just trust the color! Dark leggings can also be translucent if they're too thin.

The traditional black or gray leggings for women have evolved quite a bit since their inception!

Patterned, two-tone, with inserts or with transparent stripes - there is a wide variety of models for every style and body shape.

Long leggings in dark colors are perfect, for example, to make the silhouette look slimmer and more elongated.

Do you want to emphasize your shapes? Leggings with graphic patterns bring out your shapes to their best advantage.

Puma, Adidas, Domyos or Kalenji (especially for running): you can choose between the many brands offered in our stores to find the leggings that best suit you!

tip: There are numerous matching sports leggings and T-shirts or tops for a perfect sports outfit. Treat yourself to something, this is also the opportunity to show your personality!

Which sports leggings for which activity?


Your fitness leggings must meet special criteria. Formativeto give yourself good support during the exercises and at the same time light enough that you don't even feel them ... Opt for fitness leggings sufficiently stretchy materialso that you have maximum freedom of movement during your circuit training or cardio course. ~
Also prefer one "Breathable" material that wicks away moisture quickly.


Choose a jogging trailer Leggings with "second skin effect" and ideally high compression effectto aid blood circulation. It's best to choose a narrow waistband and a high waist for optimal support. Your running leggings must of course antiperspirant to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of cold that occurs when sweat is poorly drained.

Do you usually run in the dark? Then choose leggings too reflective stripsthrough which you are clearly visible from afar. Safety first!

tip: Are you more of a fan of sporty power walking? Then use the same type of leggings that you used for running.


Recommended for pilates, stretching and gentle gymnastics comfortable leggings with a wide waistband and without seams. Your Pilates leggings must be elastic, but at the same time only have a slight or no compression effect. The goal? You should look at your postures feel good and have great freedom of movement.

Such pants can also be worn after the gym or at home, don't be afraid to choose lively colors or original patterns!

Choose leggings for your yoga classes Second skin effect, the offer great freedom of movement. Yoga leggingshave no seams and are therefore very comfortable to wear. In addition, they are opaque, an indispensable prerequisite for performing inverted postures calmly and safely!


You are Fan of cross or strength training? Prefer leggings Synthetic materialthat ensures natural moisture wicking during training. Leggings for strength training also have a special feature: They have abrasion-resistant patchesthat focus on Shins and thighs are located. This little extra is ideal if you are training on equipment or climbing a rope.

Would you like to feel completely free in your movements while dancing? Leggings for modern dance are seamless, stretchy and 100% opaque. They shape your legs and ensure optimal support thanks to the high waist. Your ideal companion for the craziest choreographies!