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The best Symbian apps from the Ovi Store

According to Nokia, the Ovi Store records more than three million downloads per day - a considerable number, because although the Ovi Store has been around for a long time, the company invests less in advertising its program directory than Apple, Google, Google or RIM, for example. New smartphonesSmartphones are now delivered with the corresponding client as standard; alternatively, the store can be downloaded and subsequently installed via Ovi. Everything about Apple on CIO.de Everything about Google on CIO.de Everything about smartphones on CIO.de

A disadvantage of the Ovi Store: unlike the apps for Apple iPhoneiPhone or Google AndroidAndroid, there are no minimum requirements for the end devices, for example in terms of screen resolution. Nokia solves this problem more or less elegantly - app developers have to separately approve each of the Nokia devices supported by the app. This means that some applications cannot be installed on the mobile phone from the Ovi store, although the app would actually be compatible. Everything about Android on CIO.de Everything about iPhone on CIO.de

In addition to numerous free applications, paid apps are also available from the Ovi Store. Payment is usually made by credit card, although some providers also offer payment via the telephone bill. However, it is worthwhile to check with the manufacturer of the respective application, as they often offer the programs much cheaper during campaigns.

  1. Cortado Workplace
    Android, iPhone or Blackberry users are already familiar with the option - Cortado Workplace retrofits a practical feature for printing out saved documents on the smartphones. The user does not have to set up any drivers, the app can detect all network printers in the WLAN or within Bluetooth range. The documents are processed accordingly in the secured Cortado cloud and sent to the recognized printer. The app is free of charge, and every user receives one GByte of online storage for free.
  2. Mobile security
    Not F-Secure, Trend Micro also provides a mobile security solution. In addition to a real-time virus scanner, it also includes a firewall and a reputation solution for websites. In this way, for example, phishing attempts can be fended off. The software can also protect against SIM cards being replaced by deleting sensitive data, for example. Users can test the software for 30 days free of charge; the full version costs 9.99 euros, but is also included, for example, in some desktop solutions from Trend Micro.
  3. Nokia Call Connect for Cisco
    The app is intended for companies that already use a Unified Communications solution from Cisco. With the application, E-series smartphones can be integrated into this infrastructure - however, there must be an active WiFi connection. The smartphone is then expanded to include numerous functions, for example users can then be reached on-site using a common phone number.
  4. Snaptu
    Snaptu is aimed at users who do not necessarily have the latest smartphone. The app is basically a framework with which other services can be reloaded - such as clients for Facebook, Twitter or RSS. Snaptu itself is based on Java, so it runs on almost all cell phones. The app itself contains a catalog from which new functions can be downloaded.
  5. Ovi Browser Beta
    Nokia has developed its own browser for its Symbian Series 40 devices. Similar to Opera products, the Nokia browser forwards the requests through a proxy server, which converts the requested web pages so that they are optimized for the respective display.
  6. Trackr
    Most current smartphones have a GPS module. With the help of the Trackr app you can use this function to record your own trips. You also get information about speed, time and altitude. The app can also export the respective data in GPX format so that they can also be used in other programs.
  7. Nokia Situations
    Nokia Situations is an app that can automatically control the phone using various rules. The software can use the GPS coordinates or the time, for example, to silence the ringtone. You can also create rules that automatically send an SMS to the caller if the call is rejected.
  8. UpCode
    The application is a barcode scanner that also supports QR codes, among other things. Users can create their own barcodes via the app's homepage, www.UpCodeWorld.com, in order to pass on information such as links to other users.
  9. WeFi
    Even if mobile data tariffs are now affordable as soon as you move to another country, you usually rely on WiFi access points because of the astronomical roaming charges. The app is the mobile extension of the WeFi service, which collects access points worldwide and makes them available to its users via the application. The app is also available for Mac, Windows, Android and Windows Mobile.
  10. Kayak
    The app connects to the search engine Kayak - which specializes in hotels, flights and rental vehicles. The app also offers last-minute offers, for example if a flight is unexpectedly canceled and you are stranded at the airport. It also provides a directory of airlines, including the appropriate phone numbers, so that problems can be resolved directly. The kayak app is free.
  11. Lufthansa
    Lufthansa offers its customers its own app - this saves information on the travel plan or details of individual flights, at least as long as the flight is handled by Lufthansa. You can also use the online portal to keep an eye on your Miles and More account, have online tickets sent directly to your mobile phone or make new bookings. The application is free.
  12. iPassConnect for Nokia S60
    iPass operates WLAN hotspots around the world - for example at airports, hotels or other public facilities. In addition, the group provides an application that can be used to conveniently log into an on-site WLAN. In addition, you can use the WiFi client to manage other WLANs and enter the mobile Internet via EDGE or 3G as a fallback connection. In addition to the Symbian S60, iPass Connect is also available for Blackberrys, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry, for example. The app itself is free, but the user has to pay separately for access via iPass.
  13. Email for Nokia
    With E-Mail for Nokia, the Finnish company provides a push service that uses IMAP Idle to transfer messages to smartphones without the device having to manually query the accounts. The app can manage up to ten email accounts. In addition to free providers such as Googlemail, YMail or Live Mail, the business services of Google Apps or IMAP and POP3 accounts can also be integrated. The app is free and can also display HTML mails if required.
  14. Fring
    Fring is a multi-protocol messenger for Nokia, Android and iPhones. The application can connect to popular services such as ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, AIM or Yahoo so that you can chat with your contacts while on the go. As a highlight, you can also make free video calls between Fring users - the connection can be made either via 3G or WiFi. Fring also provides a number of add-ons for various networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, and a SIP client that enables VoIP calls from within the app is also included. Similar to Skype, calls to landline or cellular networks are also possible with the app, but then a credit must be purchased from Fring Out. The app is free.
  15. Microsoft Communicator Mobile
    The cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia not only extends to Exchange, but also includes a client that can connect to Microsoft's instant messaging solution. This means that Series 60 devices can also be integrated into Microsoft's unified communications environment. Users can, for example, join conferences with one click or share presence information. Thanks to Unified Communications, you can always be reached on the same number. The app is free, but can only be used in conjunction with an Office Communications Server.
  16. Project S60
    Project S60 is an organizer with which more complex tasks can be created and managed on the smartphone. The app supports up to 1000 entries per list, which can be divided into different hierarchy levels for a better overview. The entries can also be linked with links to contacts, calendar entries, documents or multimedia files. If a project is also running on another smartphone, the respective entries can be exchanged with the other devices via Bluetooth. The application costs 25 euros, a demo can be downloaded from the Ovi store.
  17. Wireless presenter
    With the wireless presenter, presentations can be controlled from the smartphone. You can not only jump back and forth, the application also shows notes on the respective slide on the smartphone. The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the desktop PC, and client software must also be transferred to the PC and installed before it can be used. Drivers from WIDCOMM and Microsoft are supported. Disadvantage: The app is hardly developed any further and is therefore partially incompatible with current systems. Advantage: The wireless presenter is free.
  18. Vlingo
    Voice control is usually not fully developed, but the Vlingo app is a positive exception here. The application not only allows you to control the smartphone, it is also suitable for dictating e-mails or SMS messages.
  19. Skype
    IM + unfortunately does not cover Skype, but a complete client for Symbian is available. In addition to instant messaging, this also offers free Voice over IP calls to other Skype accounts - provided you are connected to a WiFi hotspot. Calls to non-Skype numbers are also possible via SkypeOut. Basically, Skype also works over 3G networks, but some providers explicitly prohibit its use in their contracts.
  20. Salesforce for Symbian
    Salesforce is one of the flagship projects for software as a service applications. With the corresponding app, you can also access the CRM application, query data or enter new information from your Nokia smartphone. The app costs 59.99 euros and also requires a Salesforce license of the Professonal, Enterprise or Ultimate type.
  21. S financial status
    Sparkasse users can use the S-Finanzstatus app to manage and monitor their own account while on the move. The tool can be used, for example, to make transfers. The free version can manage any number of accounts under a bank code. If you have accounts at different institutions, you have to use the S-Banking variant, which is subject to a charge.
  22. Opera Mobile
    Even if the integrated browser from Nokia has improved significantly, Opera Mobile 10 is rightly considered one of the best browsers for Symbian smartphones. Opera switches a proxy server between the mobile phone and the requested website, where the respective page is rendered appropriately for the end device. This has a particularly positive effect on the transfer rates. Another advantage: If you use the desktop version of the browser, you can synchronize bookmarks, settings and passwords via Opera Link.
  23. Nokia Ovi Maps
    Ovi Maps is a free navigation solution from Nokia. Advantage over other solutions: The map material is also available as a free download, and it can also be saved on the smartphone. This is particularly useful when abroad, as there is no additional data transmission for navigation, which may cost roaming charges. In addition, Nokia integrates local information from the travel guides Lonely Planet and Michelin.
  24. JoikuSpot Premium
    Current mobile phone contracts often offer a generous all-inclusive volume for mobile internet - far too much to use with just a smartphone. With JoikuSpot you can turn your smartphone into a 3G router. You can then use the smartphone's mobile internet connection via WiFi, for example with a notebook. Compared to the free version, the premium version supports VPN connections and numerous additional protocols such as Skype.
  25. IM + All-in-One Messenger
    As the name suggests, IM + is a multi-messenger that can connect to numerous instant messaging networks. For example, MSN, Windows Live, ICQ or Jabber are supported. Regardless of the messaging network used, all contacts are displayed in a single contact list. In addition to text, the software can also be used to transfer data, such as images, to the contacts.
  26. F-Secure Anti-Theft
    The theft or loss of a smartphone is often a catastrophe - in addition to the financial damage, the devices often also contain sensitive information from the private or corporate environment. The F-Secure app should help with this. Anti-Theft offers several functions, including password and virus protection and a firewall. Mobile phones can also be blocked or completely deleted via SMS.
  27. Documents To Go
    Nokia cooperates with Microsoft, but this cooperation only extends to the use of ActiveSync for synchronization with Exchange. However, if you want to create, open or edit documents from Word, PowerPoint or Excel on the go, you have to rely on the Documents to Go Premium app. This can handle most Microsoft formats and display and process them. Practical: the data can be protected against unauthorized access with passwords.
  28. BatchUninstall
    If you try out a lot of tools and apps, your mobile phone quickly fills up with applications that are no longer used. Symbian doesn't make it easy to uninstall them quickly - the BatchUninstall app does this for you. The program lists all applications alphabetically, the user can select the entries to be deleted and remove them from the system with one click.

In principle, the store is not linked to a device, but is linked to the Ovi account - which, by the way, can be used for other services such as e-mail, contacts or calendar, which Nokia combines under Ovi. If you change the device, the free apps can usually be downloaded again, they are stored in the sub-item "My Articles". In some cases, paid apps are not accepted, users should contact Ovi support if they have problems.

Update: In the current version of the article, we have included additional apps - the focus is on apps for Symbian 3 devices with touchscreens. Most apps are also available for other Symbian smartphones, but some require at least a touchscreen smartphone:

Again, most of the applications are free or a trial version. However, applications such as mobile VPN require the right infrastructure. (TecChannel)