What should I know as an architect

Architect - that's what you should know about your dream job

Anyone planning to work as an architect in the future should know a lot about their dream job, because the path to success in this industry is often very bumpy.

One day, being an architect - that's what many children dream of. At this point in time, they often don't even know exactly how to become an architect at all. In Germany, the job title “architect” is protected. This means that you can only refer to yourself as such if you are entered on the list of architects of the Chamber of Architects.


How do you become an architect?


A degree in architecture is absolutely necessary, with a minimum of design theory being a further requirement. Therefore, courses in the construction industry are usually not recognized. Those who do not have a degree in architecture, but are, for example, a master craftsman, can pass a special test to be registered with the Chamber of Architects.


The architecture course consists of a bachelor's and master's degree. You should plan around three years for the bachelor's degree, while the master’s degree takes another two years. After successfully completing the course, you are first of all Master of Arts. Registration with the Chamber of Architects is often only possible after a few years of professional experience.


What are the tasks of an architect?


The job of the architect encompasses very different tasks. He plans buildings and, on behalf of the client, is also responsible for ensuring that construction is carried out correctly. The main tasks include design and construction planning. He takes into account the costs on the one hand and the legal regulations on the other in order to determine the appearance of the building in terms of material, color and shape. Special computer programs are used to create such plans, so that an architect must have a lot of knowledge in this area as well.


Where can an architect be employed and what opportunities does he have to earn money?


In most cases, architects are employed directly in architects' offices. However, some of them also work freelance. The public service, housing associations and construction companies usually offer other opportunities for employment.


In 2012, the Federal Chamber of Architects determined in a survey of full-time employees how big their income was. The average value was an annual gross salary of 48,000 euros. Iz-online.de determined more current values ​​in 2013: Here an average salary of 52,100 euros could be determined. In the economy, salaries were always the highest, with the public service following in second place. On the other hand, employees who work in planning and architecture firms earn the least.


How good are the career opportunities for architects?


Since the 1990s, career opportunities for architects have not looked as rosy as they used to be. In Germany there is a high density of architects, so that currently employed architects can usually only be paid low salaries. The order situation is usually difficult even for the self-employed. For these reasons, every architect should not only be able to demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge, but above all also have in-depth knowledge. Otherwise the chances of a privileged economic existence are unfortunately slim.


It is therefore necessary for all members of this profession to continue their education. The Federal Chamber of Architects also expressly recommends that architects take part in training courses. This is the only way for building planners to know about current options and materials. Many architects even have an obligation to continue training. What this looks like in concrete terms is stipulated in the architects' laws of the respective countries.


For self-employed freelancers in this branch it is also often unavoidable to position themselves as an expert in a certain area. The specialist knowledge is essential to be successful in the battle for orders. But even with employees there is more and more demand for specialist knowledge. Special skills and abilities are essential if you are looking for a well-paid and challenging position.



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