Is it normal to wear panties?

Organic panty liners for discharge?

Crazy findings during the office's own research phase:
With us, 40% of the team wear panty liners EVERY DAY!
Really now?Absofuckinglutely.

Why? "Because my discharge is quite annoying."

In society, discharge is also simply talked about NIEEE, that's why we're doing it now! 🙌

Not only during the period, but also with normal discharge, we fear far too often that it will run through our jeans and someone else could see it. "OMG! It just couldn't be more embarrassing. " Discharge completely normal and that's why you really don't have to get into your panties now 😜. If you ever have a bit of discharge, let it run ... that's what a pair of underpants is for somehow.
Girls, from now on you will no longer be ashamed of discharge in your panties on normal days!

Daily panty liners? Only if you want it!

Some of us are gifted with very, very strong discharge. So unless it is shame that makes you a panty liner hardcore fan, we are happy to be able to supply you extensively.

P.S: Even if a tampon can absorb much more liquid than a panty liner and the discharge does not even get into your panties, we clearly advise against using a tampon to absorb discharge! A tampon is there for your period. And finally our organic panty liners for yours too!

Tampons are perfect for use during your period! If you use the holy grail for women on menstrual-free days, your vagina can become too dry and the discharge cannot drain properly. That's not justbad for the defense and cleaning function, but can also cause vaginal thrush - including nasty itching!

And you?

Vote ‘and find out how other people feel.


Our new baby is here! Uh, well, our brand new panty liners! In any case, the development time took just as long as a pregnancy. A lot of crouching and pressing and tadaaa, our panty liners made of organic cotton are here. Of course, this also applies to sanitary towels. Do you want some?

I will!

9 reasons to wear panty liners

  1. Vaginal discharge:When monsoon-like currents flow out of you. P.S: NO SHAME! This is completely NORMAL.
  2. Before the period: If you have an irregular cycle and don't want to be surprised by your period at an inopportune moment, a panty liner protects you from visible stains and gives you a feeling of security. If your days start unexpectedly, you will still have enough time to supply yourself with a tampon or a pad.
  3. During the period: As a bonus for more security, panty liners can also be used as a combination with a tampon during your days. For period beginners: Please do not confuse panty liners with pads that you can wear separately (without an additional tampon)! Otherwise something may actually go wrong with heavy bleeding.
  4. Light incontinence: Even then, panty liners are recommended!
  5. During pregnancy: WOW! What the body of expectant mothers has to do - respect! In this phase, the natural discharge changes and often becomes more transparent and often a little stronger. Panty liners offer optimal protection so that you can feel comfortable and clean all around.

Every day panty liners - is that healthy?

Yes and no. Of course, you can use panty liners every day - there is nothing against regular use, as long as you stick to them Dos & Don’ts hold! If you use panty liners incorrectly over the long term or if you do not change them often enough, this is a great breeding ground for infections to develop.

Our very personal, omniscient general practitioner and court doctor, Dr. Ela says:

“Some women feel more comfortable and better protected with panty liners not only during their period, but also on days with heavy discharge. As a doctor, I recommend that you make sure that the vagina gets enough air when you wear it every day. What can help with ventilation is, for example, changing panty liners or underwear made of natural fibers such as cotton more frequently. "

How often do panty liners change?

If you want to be on the safe side, you should use your panty liner every 4-6 hours switch!

How to use panty liners correctly:

  • Please always change panty liners regularly!
  • If you are one of those women who are prone to yeast infections, then you must pay attention to the point above;).
  • Make sure that the pad fits snugly in your panties. As with a bra, the correct fit and size is extremely important here, as otherwise friction and skin irritation can occur.
  • In any case, panty liners should be dermatologically tested!
  • And very important: please always dispose of used panty liners in the general waste and not in the toilet!

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