What are the problems with credit cards

Security information on your Sparkasse credit card

Safe on the move


Your credit card is not accepted?

To prevent card misuse, individual transactions are subject to special security checks. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the buyer is actually the cardholder.

Especially with unusual purchases, it can happen that a credit card payment is declined. A rejection can occur, for example, if you usually only use your card for refueling or in a restaurant, but then use it for an expensive purchase at a jeweler.

In the event of payment difficulties or other problems with your credit card, you can immediately contact a 24-hour service hotline on +49 (0) 89 411 116 - 446. The hotline number is also on the back of your credit card.


What to check before you travel

  • Is the expiry date on the front of your credit card within the travel period? If necessary, apply for a follow-up card from your Sparkasse in good time.
  • Do you have a PIN for your credit card? If you do not have a PIN yet, apply for one from your Sparkasse in good time.
  • There are more and more ATMs abroad that require a six-digit PIN when entering the data. Enter your four-digit PIN as usual. Then press the "Confirmation" button regardless of the two other digits.

General tips

Your PIN is secret

  • Never give your card to other people, not even friends!
  • Do not pass on your PIN and SecureCode under any circumstances, not even when requested - neither the police nor the Sparkasse employees ask for them.
  • Never leave your card unattended - for example in the car.
  • If your card is withdrawn from the ATM for inexplicable reasons, have it blocked immediately and notify your Sparkasse immediately.
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen, block it immediately. In addition, please file a report with the police.
  • Don't let anyone look over your shoulder when you enter your PIN. Always cover the keyboard when entering your PIN.
  • Don't get distracted at the ATM. If something seems strange to you, stop immediately.
  • Only make ATM withdrawals in languages ​​that you understand.
  • Do not enter your PIN on electronic door openers.
  • Check your credit card statement immediately upon receipt. Please report any irregularities immediately to the cardholder service or your Sparkasse.



Confidential data on the Internet

The same applies on the Internet: Never reveal your passwords, PIN, TANs, etc. Always enter the URL address (https://www.musterseite.de) completely in the browser line. In the event of suspicion, contact the 24-hour emergency service or your Sparkasse directly.

Important for online banking via PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Be sure to install the latest security solutions. This allows you to shield your device against viruses, spyware and other malware. A smartphone or tablet must be protected in the same way as a laptop or PC. The technology used there is similar to that of a computer. You can also obtain information on current security solutions from your wireless service provider.

Further information on the topic of card security can be found at www.kartensicherheit.de

Online legitimation process

The new security method for your internet purchases

Register your Sparkasse credit card now for the new Mastercard® Identity Check ™ / Visa Secure online legitimation procedure and enjoy the highest level of security for payments on the Internet. You can still make your payments easily with your credit card.

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