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Crystal / Crystal-Speed ​​/ Crystal-Meth

Scene names

The substance methamphetamine is known as crystal, crystal speed, crystal meth or meth. Other scene names are "Yaba" (= crazy medicine), "Piko", "Hard Pep", "Ice", "Glass", "Crank" or "Pervitin".


Crystal or methamphetamine is a powerful amphetamine-based psychostimulant. Compared to normal amphetamine (speed), Crystal works much stronger and longer (about five times as strong). A “normal” speed line can mean a dangerous overdose with Crystal. Methamphetamine is obtained through the chemical reduction of ephedrine and is usually very pure. Nevertheless, various extenders or blends can also be found here (e.g. caffeine, paracetamol, milk sugar, etc.).
Usually the substance is available in crystalline form or in powder form, sometimes also in the form of capsules. In crystalline form, the substance is reminiscent of ice crystals or glass splinters - hence the name "crystal". In Thailand, crystal is mainly in circulation as a tablet (so-called "Thai pill").
Crystal can be sniffed, smoked, injected and swallowed. Particularly risky forms of consumption are smoking (so-called “ice”) and injections (in dissolved form), as acute poisoning through overdosing can very quickly occur here. Oral intake in the form of "boobs" is the least risky, but also the rarest form of consumption compared to sniffing, smoking or injecting.
With prolonged, chronic consumption, a switch to even more dangerous forms of consumption such as smoking and injections can often be observed. In Germany, sniffing the drug is particularly widespread, while smoking and injecting are more common in the USA.

Methamphetamine is subject to the Narcotics Act (BtMG, Annex III). Therefore, the manufacture, trade, acquisition, possession and supply of crystal are criminal offenses. Consumers not only risk trouble with the police and the judiciary, but also lose their driver's license.

General effect

The effect always depends on the dose, the active ingredient content, the individual habituation to the drug, the form of administration as well as the physical and mental state of the consumer and his environment.
Crystal causes an increased release of the messenger substances adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain. It does not supply the body with energy, but simulates a suddenly occurring dangerous situation. The organism is then under constant stress.
Warning signals such as hunger, thirst, sensation of pain and tiredness are suppressed or no longer perceived. Some consumers therefore tend to overestimate their own strength and performance, leading to a complete psychological and physical breakdown.

Onset of action

  • When sniffing: after 5 to 15 minutes
  • When smoking: within a few seconds
  • When injecting: immediately after the injection
  • When swallowing: after approx. 30 to 45 minutes, but longer effect

The effect can last between 6 and 48 hours! Crystal is only broken down very slowly in the body.


  • In the blood: up to a day
  • In the urine: 2 days to a week
  • In the hair: several months

Note: These data are only approximate guidelines, as the detectability depends on a large number of factors. There are also different statements on this in the literature.

Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous substances ever! Why?

High potential for dependency

The consumption of crystal leads to severe psychological dependence very quickly!
Methamphetamine reaches high concentrations in the body and especially in the brain faster than "normal speed". At the same time, the consumer experiences significantly fewer side effects (e.g. palpitations) with Crystal, which would otherwise warn him that he has taken a dangerous substance in too high a dose. Crystal can therefore be dosed higher than “conventional speed”. The faster and stronger a substance floods into the brain - the more it "kicks" - the higher the potential for dependency. The habit of consuming together with others at parties (“creating a good mood at the push of a button”) or in everyday life in order to “function” or to evoke certain feelings can quickly develop into a dependency.
In addition, the body gets used to methamphetamine faster than "conventional speed" and cocaine. The dose must then be increased in order to achieve the desired effect (development of tolerance).


Crystal is considered to be a powerful neurotoxin. There is hardly any scientific doubt that crystal destroys the nerve cells and can damage the brain! Due to the massively increased dopamine level in the cell gaps and also in the nerve cell, an enzyme (MAO) produces more oxygen radicals, which damage the mitochondria (power plants of the cells) and cause the nerve branches to die.
Chronic crystal users with particularly risky consumption patterns (smoking, injections) degrade not only physically but also mentally over time. A complete regeneration of the brain cells can sometimes only be determined after an abstinence phase of over a year.
Overdose Risk:
The effect potential of Crystal is usually many times stronger than with "conventional speed". Compared to "normal speed" (is mostly only available in stretched form on the black market), Crystal has a very high active ingredient content (up to 90%). Mixing up the two substances can lead to life-threatening poisoning from overdosing.

Physical effect

  • Increase in body temperature and blood pressure
  • Pulse and breathing are accelerated
  • The sensation of pain and the need for sleep are suppressed
  • Hunger and thirst are reduced
  • strong urge to move
  • - heavy sweating
  • cold hands and feet
  • wide open eyes, gnashing teeth and grimacing ("face carnival")
  • strong urge to talk ("Laberflash")

Psychological effect

  • strong euphoria (high mood)
  • excessive self-confidence
  • Feelings of omnipotence and megalomania
  • increased willingness to take risks
  • increased willingness to contact
  • lust-increasing, disinhibiting effect (don't forget safer sex!)
  • pointless activities are fun
  • "Laberflashs" with flight of thoughts (thought jumps)
  • Word finding disorders
  • "To be coiled up"
  • disturbed sense of time

Side effects

  • Racing heart
  • Sweats
  • Tremble
  • Muscle spasms
  • Dry mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • dizziness
  • Itchy skin
  • Indigestion
  • Hallucinations and paranoia (initially due to fatigue)

Coming down and aftermath

After consuming crystal, there are pronounced after-effects that can last for several days. These are presumably related to the empty dopamine and noradrenaline stores in the brain, which refill only very slowly. The after-effects are often perceived by consumers as withdrawal symptoms and lead to renewed consumption. This carries the risk that the occasional weekend consumption will develop into everyday consumption.

  • depressed mood, increased anxiety
  • severe tiredness, exhaustion and hangover mood
  • Lethargy, lack of drive and interest
  • Sleep disorders (can last for days to weeks)
  • Difficulty concentrating, impaired memory

Since crystal is a highly potent substance, the risk of a life-threatening overdose is very high. Signs of overdose are:

  • Hyperthermia (overheating):
  • red head and fever
  • heavy sweating
  • strong headache
  • dry mouth
  • Shortness of breath up to respiratory paralysis (caution, danger of suffocation!)
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors, convulsions
  • sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Signs of paralysis
  • unconsciousness
  • Intoxication psychosis, i.e. loss of reality and fear

In the worst case, an overdose of Crystal can lead to cardiac arrest - caution, danger to life!

If someone is not doing well and his / her state of health cannot be properly assessed, always call an emergency doctor immediately (112) - stay there until the doctor arrives and tell them which substance and how much of it the person concerned has consumed. This information is extremely important for further (emergency) medical treatment.
Doctors are subject to confidentiality! Acting in time can save lives!

What to do in an emergency

  • generally keep calm and inform the security staff.
  • Move the person to a quiet, sheltered place and provide fresh air.
  • have a calming effect on the person and not leave them alone.
  • Physical contact can be helpful when the person wants it.
  • Give drinks containing vitamin C or minerals - no alcohol!
  • for circulatory problems: put your feet up!
  • for muscle cramps: administer glucose and magnesium!
  • Pulse and breathing must be monitored.
  • Stay away from self-medication, e.g. sedatives (Valium). This can lead to severe cardiovascular disorders!

In the event of symptoms of respiratory paralysis (blue lips, slow and heavy breathing) or acute symptoms of intoxication (e.g. loss of consciousness), call the emergency doctor (112) immediately and initiate first aid measures.

Long-term physical effects

  • severe weight loss
  • Brain damage, e.g. long-term impaired ability to concentrate and remember
  • chronic skin inflammation ("crystal acne")
  • Damage to the teeth up to tooth loss
  • Stomach pain, stomach disorders (stomach ulcer to gastric rupture)
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Heart failure
  • Damage to the nasal septum (holes up to complete dissolution)
  • Menstrual cycle disorders in women (missed periods)
  • Weakening of the immune system with increased susceptibility to infection
  • accelerated, premature aging process
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Cerebral infarction due to a blood pressure crisis
  • Cracks in the main arteries with bleeding from organs

Long-term psychological effects

  • Depression (when coming down and longer term when withdrawing)
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • aggressive behavior towards yourself and others
  • Paranoia to psychosis
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations (e.g. "hearing strange voices")
  • Obsessions, compulsions
  • strong personality changes
  • mental dulling, cold feeling
  • constant physical restlessness
  • sleep disorders
  • rapid development of tolerance, increasingly shortened duration of action (dose has to be increased again and again to achieve the desired effect)
  • strong "craving" (high pressure of craving)
  • rapid dependency development
  • eating disorder
  • increased risk of suicide

Mixed consumption

The mixed use of drugs is fundamentally questionable and even life-threatening. The risks and the mutual interactions cannot be assessed. You are running an incalculable risk. Most deaths from club drugs are due to mixed use. We therefore urgently advise against mixed consumption.
Mixed consumption is crap!

Crystal and alcohol

  • The effect of alcohol is hardly noticeable. Increased risk of alcohol poisoning!
  • Responsiveness is severely limited. Increased risk of accident!
  • increases aggressive behavior
  • Overconfidence

Crystal and cannabis

  • Cannabis is often used to get down
  • strong cardiovascular load!
  • Risk of drug-induced psychosis!
  • Risk of combined addiction (crystal to be awake, cannabis to come down!)

Crystal and MDMA (Ecstasy)

  • Crystal weakens the ecstasy effect, especially the empathic effect = absolutely senseless combination!
  • high circulatory load, high fluid loss!

Crystal and speed, caffeine and energy drinks

  • increased palpitations and dizziness
  • increased risk of cardiovascular collapse
  • increased risk of overheating
  • faster caries development with sugary energy drinks

Crystal and cocaine

  • strong stress on the cardiovascular system up to cardiac arrest!
  • threatening increase in blood pressure and heartbeat
  • Respiratory impairment
  • uncontrolled actions
  • increased potential for aggression
  • increases the risk of psychosis

Crystal and LSD

Crystal and Heroin

  • often a sign of pre-existing psychoses and problems getting down
  • the increased willingness to take risks increases the risk of infection (HIV, hepatitis, ...)!
  • Danger to life from respiratory paralysis!
  • Risk of combined addiction (crystal to wake up, heroin to come down!).
  • is considered to be one of the hardest consumption combinations and is a clear warning signal for an already serious dependency. In any case, professional, therapeutic help should be sought here.

Crystal and "Downer" (Benzos)

  • strong stress on the entire organism up to a breakdown of the circulatory system
  • Risk of combined addiction (crystal to be awake, benzos to come down!).

Crystal and antidepressants, MAOIs, beta blockers, sleeping pills and sedatives

  • life-threatening complications! Risk of death!

Minimum rules for risk avoidance

Remember: there is no low-risk consumption with Crystal - even less than with the other substances! Crystal smoking is considered to be the most dangerous form of consumption in terms of brain damage. So let it stay!

The following tips can only reduce the risks associated with consumption.

  • Oral ingestion (so-called “boobs”) is considered to be the “more harmless” form of consumption compared to sniffing, smoking and injecting.
  • A single consumption per week and any other form of consumption than oral ("boobs", capsules) are considered frequent and risky.
  • The idea of ​​“shooting” (injecting) crystal is a clear warning sign of an already existing dependency. Therefore, you should seek professional help from therapeutic institutions.
  • People with mental health problems, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, liver and kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism and diabetics should refrain from consuming crystal.
  • Only consume when you are fine.
  • Do not consume alone, preferably in the presence of a trusted person who knows about you and your consumption and can get help in an emergency
  • Dose low, crystal is a very potent substance. Avoid adding anything.
  • Avoid mixed consumption!
  • Crush the crystal as small as possible to protect your nose. Always use your own drawing tube (without sharp edges).
  • Take regular breaks while partying / dancing, preferably in the fresh air! This can help reduce the risk of overheating and overexertion.
  • Think about how long you want to be awake beforehand (take into account the long duration of the effect of Crystal!). Nothing is more uncomfortable than not being able to rest at home for a long time and not being able to sleep.
  • Drink enough water or fruit juices / fruit spritzers to compensate for the loss of fluids.
  • Avoid wearing a hat when dancing to prevent overheating.
  • Don't forget safe sex! Crystal often leads to very risky sexual behavior. Use condoms to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (increased risk of infection with HIV, hepatitis, etc.) and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Before you start consuming, think about your limits when it comes to sex. This will help you to say NO in the situation.
  • Anyone who consumes drugs has no business being in traffic! Use public transport, take a taxi, or walk.
  • The use of crystal and other drugs is absolutely taboo during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The risk of heart defects and other malformations is extremely high among crystal users. If you can't stop doing it on your own, contact an addiction counseling center.
  • Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet (possibly also take a vitamin and mineral supplement) and get enough sleep after consumption and in the consumption-free periods.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene and personal hygiene (especially dental and gum care, nose care with nasal rinsing: 1 teaspoon sea salt to ¼ l water).
  • If you notice skin inflammation or abscesses on your body, see a doctor.
  • Regularly take longer breaks (4-6 weeks) to recharge your energy reserves and to prevent tolerance development (constant dose increase in order to achieve the desired effect) and dependence.

Advice, offers of help and contact addresses

If you can no longer cope with your consumption, then you should contact an addiction and drug advice center.There are experienced and competent contacts here who will advise you confidentially and with whom you can discuss your situation. There are good therapeutic options nowadays.
You can find the contact addresses of advice centers in your area with the help of the BZgA database under the following link:

Addiction and drug advice centers:

  • have outpatient advice and support services.
  • can advise you anonymously, have a duty of confidentiality and the right to refuse to testify
  • are free.
  • offer discussions by appointment or so-called "open consultation hours".

Ask? Problems? Party? Drugs?

We advise online and answer questions anonymously, reliably and free of charge!

This information is not intended to be a solicitation or guidance on drug use and should not be misunderstood as such. You can only reduce the risks of consuming it.
Basically, there is no such thing as drug use without risk. If you want to live healthy and avoid these risks, you don't use drugs!
Note: A conversion table for the mass ratios can be found here!