What are some must read Bengali books

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What a culture shock it must have been when her father married the young Nazneen from Bangladesh to distant England. Unlike her rebellious sister, she had never left her home village before. But Chuna, her husband, who is more than twice her age, is good to her for Bengali sentiments, he doesn't hit her and is terribly educated - at least that's what he thinks. However, he keeps her in a cage like a trapped bird. She sits at home, stares at the walls in the crowded apartment and becomes more and more lonely while Chanu waits in vain for his upcoming promotion, and waits and waits. Over time, a miraculous change seems to set in ... Nazneen seeks advice from like-minded people and while life improves a little for her, her husband falls into a self-lamenting depression from which there seems no escape ...

Finally, finally I had pulled this book out of the SUB because of a "reading together" session, where it had been slumbering for years and seemed to look at me again and again admonishingly. Despite the exciting presentation, however, the book stretched a little like chewing gum. The author describes the life of the two dissimilar sisters Nazneen and Hasina from two perspectives. We experience Hasina's life through an exchange of letters from Dhaka to London, whereas that of Nazneen is in real time. Skillfully done, however, the novel is a bit cumbersome and in some places difficult to understand. My reading partner and I persevered and hoped for a satisfactory end, which turned out to be very disappointing in my eyes. It's a shame, the material would have given more and was even made into a film. This time there is no real reading recommendation from me. Perhaps the next reader can do more with it. The book wanders the days in a public reading shelf.