What equipment is used when kayaking?

Packing list for canoe tours

Camerafor digital cameras: sufficient memory cards
Batteries and chargers (220 V and 12 V)
waterproof photo box or bag (e.g. Peli transport case, Zölzer photo bags)

Tip: At the beginning of a tour, all participants taking photos should check the date and time on all cameras and set them correctly. This helps to sort the photos together chronologically based on the date and time they were taken after returning home.CellphoneBefore starting your journey, you should find out about emergency numbers in the country you are traveling to.

Tip: Enter all phone numbers in the phone number memory - including those of your fellow travelers - with the country code (Germany: +49). A telephone number is saved as +49 172 5 ... instead of 0172 5 ..., because a German mobile phone must be called abroad with the German country code ...

Don't forget chargers (220 V and 12 V).

Tip: The EU roaming regulation only applies to terrestrial networks. Be careful with ferry crossings, even within Europe, if the phone connects via the on-board network and satellite. Very high costs can be charged!external battery (power bank)charges the navigation device and mobile phone while on the move and bridges or extends the time until a socket is available againSocket adapterIf other sockets are common in the travel destination, battery chargers can only be connected with a suitable adapter. There are practical socket adapters from SKROSS with integrated USB connections. There is also a travel planner on the SKROSS website that can be used to check whether an adapter is required in the destination country.Solar Battery ChargerWhen the sun is shining, the batteries of action cameras, sports watches, cell phones or navigation devices can be recharged.