India has 24x7 electricity

Seamless power supply

Maximum utilization

The HVDC line Pugalur-Trichur with a transmission voltage of ± 320 kilovolts (kV) connects Pugalur in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu with Trichur in the state of Kerala in southwest India. The converter station in Trichur is connected via XLPE-HVDC underground cables to a transfer station, which is also being built by Siemens. Due to the special properties of the XLPE direct current cable with a regular operating temperature of 90 degrees, maximum utilization of the HVDC system is made possible. This creates the prerequisites for the hybrid system with overhead lines for very high transmission capacities. Sumitomo Electric is supplying 128 km of HVDC XLPE cables, corresponding to four cables for a distance of 32 kilometers each. From the converter station in Pugalur, the electricity is transmitted via overhead line to the transfer station to the cable. Siemens' scope of supply for the turnkey project includes construction, planning, delivery, installation, commissioning and delivery of important equipment for the entire HVDC station, including converter valves, transformers, cooling systems and protection and control technology.
The Japanese company Sumitomo Electric and Siemens have signed a cooperation agreement that provides for cooperation on selected projects in the field of HVDC transmission and a combination of the innovative technologies of both contract partners. The two partners - Siemens with its recent advances in DC converter technology and Sumitomo Electric as a pioneer in the development of HVDC cables with insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene - are pursuing the goal of using optimized, customer-specific solutions to maximize the performance potential of HVDC To expand transmission systems. The new transmission line supports important initiatives of the Indian Ministry of Energy, which under the motto '24x7 Power for all' aim for a seamless power supply throughout the country. Siemens and Sumitomo Electric will use new technology to help realize this ambitious project to expand the Indian power grid and meet the country's growing electricity needs.