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20 exciting facts about content marketing


Brush up on your knowledge.

Would you like to impress with your knowledge of content marketing? Then we have just the thing for you: 20 facts worth knowing that tell you a lot about the activities and approaches of companies - whether B2B or B2C! One or the other fact from our informative content marketing infographic can certainly be presented at the next meeting - so you can not only impress your colleagues, but also the boss.

Small downer: the data shown do not explicitly refer to the German market. However, they can be understood as a general trend and show the direction in which content marketing is also going for the German-speaking market. This gives you a good insight into common practices.

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 20 exciting facts about content marketing
20 exciting facts about content marketing is an infographic from mindshape.de

The basic facts

  1. Every day, 27 million posts and content are shared online. (AOL & Nielsen 2012)
  2. Nine out of ten organizations use content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute 2012)
  3. 54% of all brands do not have a dedicated on-site content marketing manager. (Econsultancy 2012)
  4. 79% of all marketing workers report that their organizations are shifting towards branded content. (Forrester 2013)
  5. 72% of decision-makers think that branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine. 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. (Custom Content Council 2011)
  6. 86% of customer-oriented and 91% of company-oriented companies use content marketing. (eMarketer 2013)

Social networks: advantages of content marketing in social media

  1. 329 million people read blogs every month. (Blogging.org 2012)
  2. Companies that blog at least 15 times a month have five times as much traffic as others. (Hubspot 2012)
  3. Companies with an active blog report 97% more inbound links. (Content + 2013)
  4. Clicks that result from shared content are five times more likely to end up with a purchase. (Voltier Digital 2012)
  5. 87% of B2B marketing specialists use social media to share content with the desired target group. (Content Marketing Institute 2012)
  6. 80% of all users prefer to network with brands via Facebook. (Huffington Post 2012)
  7. Six out of ten Twitter or Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand that they also follow in these networks. (Content + 2013)
  8. More than 50% of the online time is spent with content and another 30% on social networks, where this content can be shared. (AOL & Nielsen 2012)
  9. Interesting content is among the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social networks. (Content + 2013)

Content Marketing Strategy: Strengthening the brand and image

  1. 90% of consumers find custom content helpful. (Custom Content Council 2011)
  2. 78% of consumers believe that organizations that offer customized content are interested in having a good relationship with them. (Custom Content Council 2011)
  3. 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through articles rather than advertising. (Content + 2013)
  4. 48% of the respondents in a study agree with the statement that content marketing leads to a more positive attitude towards a brand. (Content Marketing Association 2013)
  5. 60% of consumers think better about a company after reading custom content on the company page. (Content + 2013)
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