What does the axis of evil mean

David Frum came from the ultra-conservative Manhattan Institute: The man who invented the "axis of evil"

Born in Canada, Frum was hired as a ghostwriter after the election victory of George W. Bush, especially for the business sector, and received (according to the Washington Post) a salary of 85,000 dollars, which is roughly the equivalent of 20 employees the financial midfield meant. It is a fact that David Frum's career ended so suddenly. How it came about, there are different representations.

The news channel CNN had claimed that Ms. Frums, who wrote several books under her maiden name Danielle Crittenden and is also a regular columnist for the "New York Post", had sent emails to her friends and acquaintances. In them she pointed out that she was proud to be the wife of the man who used the word of the "axis of evil" (Iraq, Iran and North Korea were meant) for Bush's "State of the Union" address. have coined. These emails were published by an Internet journal in the USA - and Frum lost his job a few days later, an obvious connection.

Iron law

The version has a lot to offer, because in fact it is an iron law for ghostwriters that they or their relatives must never boast of what they have whispered or "prescribed" to their master.

Frum himself has vaguely denied that he had been fired because of his talkative and proud wife, who lives with two children in Washington: "I added a few words to the President's speech. I get paid for that. But what counts , are not the words I contribute, but the words become meaningful when the President utters them. " And he did not dutifully forget to add that he considered George W. Bush "one of the greatest presidents in American history".

Even before his engagement in the Bush administration in the USA, Frum was a well-known book author and journalist whose books (e.g. "What`s right. The new conservative majority in America" ​​or "The 70's: The decade that brought you modern life" ) of course always aroused violent opposition. Even in the talk shows of the US television stations, he was not a frequent, but always invited guest who knew how to polemicize against the "liberals" in a sharp-tongued manner.