How does Odysseus escape the Cyclops?

The legend of Odysseus and Polyphemus

Odysseus, King of Ithaca, one GreekInsel, on his pilgrimage with his 12 ships in the Mediterranean Sea, was enraged Zeuswho had unleashed a storm and Odysseus and his people were so tossed that they lost their sense of direction. When they saw a looming large green island with rocks and bays of prehistoric lava flows and a spouting volcano with smoke and glowing papillae, covered with snow and beautiful and underneath well-nourished flocks of sheep, jumped she gleefully at this point of view. But they did not know that they were in the land of Cyclopes inSicily were.

On the island of Sicily, nearby of the volcano Etna, lived seven brothers and all were huge and terrible. The names of four were known: Bronte -Asterope -Arge and Polyphemwho was the oldest and the most monstrous, and he had a particular liking for the stepbrother Bronte. They were sons of Poseidon and were of the race of Cyclops. They had a single big eye in the center of their foreheads. Everyone made a living from ranching and they were raw, evil, ugly villains and when they saw ships on the horizon they would hide to watch them with their only eye with red vials that showed hatred and malice towards people and when the unfortunate ships were in the firing range, they pelted them with stones and boulders. Since they only had one eye they were unlikely to meet them and when they did they were so excited that they hit the ground with superhuman strength and it all caused tremors and explosions across the island.

Polyphem grazed his flock when Odysseus and his companions came to his enormous cave and because of the hospitality of the Cyclops believed they brought a lot of wine as a gift. They had just rounded up a dozen sheep when they heard the roar and heavy footsteps shaking the stones. Startled, they jumped into the cave and hid behind a boulder. And a frightening giant entered. He crouched at the door and croaked: â € œMy sheep come here to be milkedâ €. Odysseus winced because he had of that CyclopesPolyphem heard and knew they were in trouble.

After the milking was finished, the Cyclops lit a fire and as the flames had grown large and bright, he noticed the twelve men hidden behind the rock. He let out a deafening clamor of anger. â € œStrangershe growled. â € œSheep thieves! â € I will tear you to pieces and eat you for dinner. One died of fright. A moment later he grabbed two men and put them in his mouth, crushing them between sharp teeth. Then he rolled a large boulder in front of the entrance to the cave and lay downto sleep. While his snores echoed between the walls, tried Odysseus develop a plan. But none of them occurred to him. The next morning the giant took two other men and ate them like the others. Then he went out with the sheep and rolled the boulder in front of the cave. You were trapped! Odysseus saw a trunk on the ground and so an idea occurred to him. He sharpened the trunk until he had a long pole. They were hiding it in a corner when Polyphemus returned. As the night before, he milked the sheep and ate two other men. Then he made a huge belch and rolled the rock in front of the entrance and lay on the ground. But this time he did not immediately fall asleep and Odysseus jumped out and began to talk to him. â € œHey Cyclops, Would you like some good ruby ​​red wine? After such a meal with meat, you should know that red wine goes well with meat.and this is where the first sommelier in history comes to mind). You should know what kind of drink this is that our ship is keeping, â € he said shylyOdysseus with a lump in his throat at the loss of his people. And Polyphemanswered: â € œHow dare you tell me what to do and who are you? â € AndOdysseus replied, very deliberately not telling the truth. â € œMy name is â € œNobodyâ € and I am the leader of those unfortunate men who accidentally bothered you.â € Polyphem hesitated a moment, suspicious of that trust. The fire gave off a pleasant warmth. Polyphem lay down by the fire and held out his huge hands to warm her. â € œWell done, â € he said. â € œYou men are small, insignificant creatures, but you have lit a fine fire. â € œOdysseus pretended to be grateful. â € œWe only want to serve you better Polyphemâ € œ he said to the Cyclops. He took the bowl and drank to the last drop and of course the sweet drink tasted good and asked a second time: â € œGive me more and tell me your name again at once. I want to give you a gift of hospitality and you will be satisfied. The soil of the Cyclops also produces large bunches of grapes, but this is a fine stream of nectar dâ € ™ Ambrosia.â €Cyclops you ask me again for the famous name and I tell you: you give me the gift of hospitality that you promised me. Nobody is my name: nobody called me my mother and father and nobody calls me all the other comrades and I am the leader of the seamen who got lost because of the storm. â € œWell, â € said he Cyclops, the gift I want to give you is that I'll be the last to eat you. The monster got drunk from drinking the sweet nectar that Odysseus had brought calm seemed to have entered the cave. Then took Odysseus and his men took the great trunk and heated it in the fiery fire and all together they thrust it into the eye of the Cyclops. A terrible scream came from the monster's jaws, so that the whole mountain shook. He pressed his hands to his eyes and stepped and roared so that the Greeks were stunned by the noise. â € œWhy is it so dark?  € Polyphemus shouted: â € œI don't see anythingâ € œand began to strain the walls and floor of the cave, looking for Odysseus and his comrades. His big fingers always slapping the ground near her. They were big enough to crush. Odysseus ran towards the pile of sheepskins. He quickly tossed a hide to each of his companions. â €Cover up with them and crawl on all fourshe said. â € œThen reach the entrance of the caveâ €!. They did quickly Greekswhat Odysseus had said. Suddenly he felt the fingers of theCyclopes on the fur that covered the back. They were huge. Polyphemtouched another sheepskin, then another, and another. Among each of them was one Greek. â € œYou escapedâ €! he roared. â € œThose clever villains! â € They blinded me and fled. Only the sheep remained in the cave.â € Crawled as fast as they could Odysseus and his companions from the cave.

Outside, they took off the sheepskins that had saved their lives and headed for the beach. â € œThe ship is too damaged to cast offâ € said Odysseus quickly. â € œBut the boats are fine. We quickly put her in the water and row away from the islandâ €!. In the meantime, the brothers of Polyphemus came because they heard those terrible screams and wanted to know what had happened, but since they were in the mood of the Polyphem knew nobody had the courage to ask him. Bronte had the courage and asked: â €Polyphemus, what happened? Why are you screaming and yelling so loud? Polyphemus said: â € It was nobodyâ € œThe Cyclops looked at each other and did not know what he meant and again on the advice of the other Cyclops asked Bronte : â €Why sare you screaming so loud and what happened? â € And Polyphem answered: â € œIt was nobody and nobody blinded me and nobody ran away with his companions.â € The Cyclopes felt picked up and turned and walked away. A little outside the cave, the group of six ran headlong towards the ship, where the crew had already prepared everything for departure. Thanks to the sails and oars, the ships were quickly removed from the coast.

Meanwhile had Polyphem guess what had happened and groping to reach the refugees, but it was too late. The boats were fast at sea. At this point Odysseus felt certain that he could no longer be reached. From the bow of the ship, in a tone of mockery and not without a healthy dose of pride, he yelled at it Cyclops to: â €Polyphemus, if someone asks you who blinded you you will answer Nobody, but Odysseus, King of Ithaca.â €

As the Cyclops hearing those words he got angry. He had heard of this King of IthacaOdysseus called. He knew that Odysseus and his fleet of ships moored on the coast and when they were near Taormina were threw Polyphem with his brother Bronte huge stones dated on him Mount Ziretto. But never met him. Boiling with anger, he concentrated his strength, tore off the top of a mound, and hurled it in the direction from which the voice was coming Odysseus came. The gesture had no effect. The boat drifted gently on the waves that had formed from the fall of the huge stones. Polyphemus did not give up. He erg reef the crest of another hill and hurled it against their ships. But even this attempt failed miserably.

The unbelievers can control: the tops of the mountains are still in the sea ofAcitrezza, a few hundred yards from the coast they are famous cliffs from theCyclops. Raised in desperation Polyphemraised his arms to heaven and prayed to his Father Poseidon, the god of the sea. â € œfatherâ € œ he swore Cyclops, â € œmake Odysseus suffer as I suffer and that he returns home after many adventures, without ships and without comrades.â € Instead came Odysseus and his men to the Aeolian Islands in less than a day thanks to a favorable wind, whereAeolus, the god of Winds lived.

Many other adventures awaited Odysseus and his companions before going after Greececould go back and home. But they always remembered that night when they did that Cyclops escaped which was the most terrifying and dangerous of them all.