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Pineapple sweetens the sperm?!: Tips for a better sperm taste

At least most of the people know this * one * myth: Pineapple is supposed to sweeten sperm. The good news: this myth has turned out to be true! Because the sugar contained in pineapple juice actually helps make his sperm taste better. The less good: The difference remains ... well ... small. You can find out which foods make for a better taste here:

Additional information: Actually, this article should primarily be read by men, but women are welcome to pass on the information;)

A product called "Semenex" from the USA is said to help improve the taste of sperm. It is a powder that you dissolve in water and drink! The same goes for "Sugar Cum" by the way. We reported about it.

Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine contain harmful substances and have a negative effect on the taste of semen.

The more water you drink, the better, so the toxins can be washed out of the body.

Fruit contains natural sugar and this sweetens the semen. The most suitable are: pineapple, papaya, melons, mangoes, apples or grapes.

Attention, attention, important information:Here are three factors that affect the taste of semen.

Eating a healthier diet in general helps improve the quality and therefore the taste of semen.

Vegetarians' semen is usually more comfortable than non-vegetarians, but these vegetables should be avoided: cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus.

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Eating cheese can make the semen salty in taste.

If you're meat, lean protein types, such as chicken, are best.

Parsley, seaweed, and celery are high in chlorophyll and cause a sweet taste in semen.

Men should avoid garlic and onions - due to the high sulfur content, they are said to not only taste bad, but also smell. Pooh!

The spices cinnamon, cardamom and peppermint are highly recommended!

Here is another book tip with a wink: "If life gives you pineapple, make it Pina Colada" from 4.99 on Amazon.

This also improves the sperm taste:

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We just say: if it helps ... are we completely pragmatic, or dear men? But to be honest: Most of the recommended items actually sound very tasty anyway! So: meal! ;-)