Why is inhumanity increasing day by day

Comment: Corona visit ban - just inhuman

Who is holding hands Who kisses the cheeks and forehead? Who speaks the last words of comfort? Who closes the eyelids? In times of corona, these questions are no longer easy to answer. Many dying people have to walk the last way alone. Without family and friends, without affection and tenderness. You leave life without saying goodbye.

The lonely death is one of the consequences of the ban on visits to hospitals and care facilities, which was imposed in most of the countries affected by the corona epidemic. It is hard to beat in terms of human severity. It takes away the last joy of life from the sick and especially the dying. The last will to live. The last longings.

See your daughter or son again? Push the grandchild again? Hold your partner's hand again and feel his loving gaze? Knowing your best friend next to you again? Isn't that what many patients have gone through all of the pain and treatment for?

Painful feelings of guilt

The forbidden farewell is also a torture for the relatives. They were not there when the loved one was waiting for them. They could not show their feelings and affection, give thanks for a life together, neither give nor receive consolation. Painful feelings of guilt that will surely stay with many for the rest of their lives.

As important and correct as the ban on visits may be from an epidemiological and health policy point of view, the ban on visits is a sign of inhumanity in the middle of the corona crisis, which cannot be overcome without humanity.

Stop isolation

DW author Astrid Prange

The isolation of old and sick people has to stop at their deathbed. The point is to find a compromise between two legitimate requirements: protection against infection with the coronavirus and protection against death in social isolation.

After all: In Germany, many care facilities and hospitals try to react to these human emergencies with exceptional regulations and to enable the dying to say goodbye to their relatives. But there is a lack of implementation in many places. And seriously ill COVID-19 patients are generally no longer allowed to receive visitors.

Even if the virus is difficult to get under control: A humane farewell should also be possible in Corona times. Perhaps, in the future, rapid tests will be possible for visitors? Perhaps there will be more protective clothing and masks in the future, also for relatives who want to say goodbye to their loved ones?

I bow to all doctors, nurses, pastors, undertakers and funeral orators, and to all affected families who try every day to be human in the midst of the Corona crisis and endure unimaginable burdens.

You walk through the Via Dolorosa, which all Christians stay away from this Easter for fear of the risk of infection. They show that humanity sometimes takes precedence over prohibitions. And life can celebrate resurrection.