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Encapsulation systems for food
We protect, what is important

The desire of the food industry for innovative and, above all, controlled release of flavors has increased dramatically in recent years. With our knowledge of encapsulation, we preserve the taste of your product until it is consumed. We protect what is important to you.

Our MICROSTABIL products are flavors that are encapsulated in a matrix using an extrusion process. This enables us to give dry food a longer lifespan and to decisively improve the taste experience for customers.
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Best flowability and solubility in various mixing processes and end products: AKRAFLOW flavors are produced using a special drying process as part of a modified spray drying process. With AKRAFLOW we increase the performance in the process and in the product.
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Our drying experts work with sophisticated technologies, with skill and instinct to produce high-quality powders and granulates from a wide variety of raw materials. We bring in our experience from aroma research for your added value.
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Why "Step by Step" solutions?

For years we have been working intensively on the most diverse types of encapsulation of aromas. We are convinced that only the optimal release and shelf life of the aroma bring sustainable success on the market.

The development takes a targeted approach "Step by Step":

  • Design and modeling of the liquid aroma
  • Controlled release of flavors through selection of the carrier matrix
  • optimized flowability and processability
  • maximum possible containment of the volatile flavoring substances in the process

A differentiated approach to food creates the possibility of combining or selecting different types of encapsulation. For example: The quality of the end product is decisively improved by extending the shelf life of the aroma during production and storage.

Our solution for
multifunctional flavors

We use a wide variety of encapsulation methods to achieve the goals as best as possible:

  • Spray drying (SD products)
  • Coating process (spray granulation)
  • Matrix method (MICROSTABIL)
  • Coacervation
  • fluidized dried flavors (AKRAFLOW)

For certain release mechanisms, coating techniques accompany the classic spray drying process. Matrix processes and coacervates result in a comprehensive encapsulation of the aroma.
Depending on the process, aromas are mechanically incorporated into a carrier matrix or encapsulated through a chemical reaction. Additional functional aspects that can be achieved with flavoring - such as the introduction of color or fruit components - are also implemented by us.

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  • Spray drying
  • Fluid bed drying
  • Extrusion

Encapsulation Austria accompanies you through the entire process of encapsulation in the food sector and offers you extensive services in the contract manufacturing of additives and ingredients for food and dietary supplements.