Can I do an MBA with LLB?

LL.M. degree
The LL.M. degree - an alternative to the Dr. jur.?

What the LL.M. title from Dr. jur. differs

Despite the high costs of an LL.M. degree, more and more law graduates are interested in this additional qualification. One reason for this is that the LL.M. offers many advantages compared to a doctorate: While the schedule of a dissertation depends on many different factors and depending on the topic one to five years have to be planned, a master’s degree can usually be completed within one year. If an additional legal qualification is sought primarily because of better career entry opportunities, the LL.M. a good choice because it doesn't delay the start of professional life too much. In addition, very good grades (ideally a grade) are still required for a doctorate. With the wide range of LL.M. programs, it is possible to get a place even with average grades. An LL.M. title can also make up for a bad exam certificate when starting a job. What speaks in favor of a doctorate in law, however, is that it is indispensable for a career in science. Under certain circumstances, a Dr. jur. also go hand in hand with higher starting salaries. The latter also applies to LL.M. degrees, whereby on average a doctorate is paid higher.

The Master of LawHowever, compared to a doctorate, s has further advantages: In internationally oriented commercial law firms, English-language contracts and negotiations are the order of the day. HR managers and partners therefore pay particular attention to foreign language qualifications when it comes to applicants. An LL.M., which not only shows that the candidate is fluent in the language, but also knows the legal vocabulary, is therefore welcome and is now often even more important than a doctorate. However, many lawyers in large law firms even have both titles. Those who complete their master’s degree in the USA also have the option of taking the bar exam and being admitted to the bar in the United States, which is also welcomed by international employers.