What does accretion mean?


The verb accredit means “authorize” or “certify”.

The term is primarily, but not exclusively, used in a diplomatic context. So can a diplomat as a representative of one country in another country accredited become. Theaccrediting The country is the receiving country, not the sending country. It is similar in journalism, where oneaccredited Journalists are granted access to an event or country, whereby theaccrediting Party is the organizer or the receiving country.

Furthermore, the term means the certification of the professional competence of one authority by another authority that is already generally recognized. In the European Union there is one national per country for this purpose Accreditation bodythat checks laboratories or inspection bodies for compliance with standards.

The term was borrowed from the synonymous French accréditer.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[akʁediˈtiːʁən]

Usage examples

She is a correspondent in Brussels alongside thousands of other journalists accredited.

Proper animal husbandry in agriculture is ensured by accredited Controlled by private companies.

The new ambassador of France has already arrived, but not yet from Berlin accredited.

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