OnePlus 6 6T gets Android Q.

OnePlus: Android updates for smartphones at a glance

OnePlus' update policy at a glance

The Chinese company OnePlus is stirring up the Android market with its self-proclaimed flagship killers. But what about waiting times for Android updates and how long are the devices actually supported? We'll tell you.

OnePlus is still a relatively young company - it was only founded in 2013. Nevertheless, OnePlus takes care of its products conscientiously. So far, all smartphones have received at least one update to the next Android version. Some devices even received an update across two versions. Only with the OnePlus 2 was the company stingy and canceled the promised update to Android 7.0.

Manufacturer's update policy

In the meantime, OnePlus has committed itself to the following update policy. All devices will receive Android updates for two years from the market launch, and the company will deliver security patches every two months for three years. Nice: The release date of the T variant of the respective generation is used as the date for the market launch.

That's how long you have to wait for Android updates from OnePlus

Another plus point: OnePlus fans don't have to wait long for Android updates. The development of the new firmware at OnePlus usually takes around three months, and the company was even significantly faster when Android 10 was released. Just under a month after the release of the new Android version, the company delivered the corresponding update for the OnePlus 7. This makes OnePlus one of the fastest manufacturers in the distribution of Android updates in 2019.

Oxygen OS: OnePlus in-house interface

Like other manufacturers, OnePlus uses its own user interface called Oxygen OS. It is currently available in version 10.5.6. This is based on Android 10. Many functions introduced by Google are taken over by OnePlus in Oxygen OS. Gesture control, intelligent answers and much more can also be found on OnePlus devices. Oxygen OS adds a few functions and design elements to Android. Real-time backgrounds, the color of which changes according to the weather, loosen up the user interface.

Oxygen OS also offers features such as an improved gallery with even more options and a Zen mode. If your smartphone is in this, notifications are deactivated for a set time. Emergency calls and receiving calls are still possible. Furthermore, Oxygen OS with OnePlus Switch offers an easy way to transfer data from an old device to a new one. It doesn't matter whether your old phone was a OnePlus smartphone, but the only supported operating system is Android.

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An Android update is planned or available for these models

This list includes all Android-based smartphones from OnePlus that have been released in Germany since 2013. The list is constantly updated. Despite extensive research, the editorial team may have missed an update, an error has crept in or a device has simply been forgotten in the list. In this case, Netzwelt is grateful for tips in the comments.

All Android update timetables

To install an Android update on a OnePlus device, follow the instructions in the linked tutorial. Is your smartphone or tablet no longer receiving an update? Do not despair. You can still root your device and install an alternative firmware based on a newer Android version. You can find out how to do this in our tutorial "How do I root my smartphone?"

If you are still undecided or need a new smartphone, you will find suitable smartphones for you in our guide "The best smartphones".

If your mobile phone no longer receives an update, you have the option of rooting the smartphone and installing an alternative operating system.

Feature and security updates

In addition to function updates that bring new features to your smartphones, OnePlus also distributes smaller security updates. These close newly discovered security gaps in the operating system and protect you from hackers or attacks by third parties. It can usually take a while for security patches published by Google to reach your smartphone. That's because of the complexity of the Android ecosystem. Many manufacturers use their own operating system, which is based on Android, appearance and functions can sometimes differ massively. If a security update is now rolled out by Google, every manufacturer must check the compatibility with their own OS and adapt the patch if necessary.

OnePlus has announced that it will deliver a security update every two months for devices that are not older than three years. The Chinese manufacturer usually uses these to distribute smaller function updates for the Oxygen OS user interface.