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● History: Mjölnir [translated "The one who shatters"] is the mystical hammer made by Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

Many years ago, an incredibly powerful cosmic storm called Asgard approached God Tempest. All father Odin fought for several days against the storm that Asgard threatened. When the storm was weakened by the battle of the giants, Odin defeated it by cutting it into one piece Uru metal caught that shortly before from the dwarfs Nidavellir was given as a gift. Odin ordered the hammer from this Uru to the dwarves Mjolnir to forge. the forge Eitri, Brokk and Buri had to use the enormous heat of a star to heat the forge. The hammer was completed in 17 weeks. The star exploded in the forging process and almost destroyed Midgard. This event could be since the extinction dinosaur explain 65 million years ago. When Odin tried to use Mjolnir for the first time, he couldn't control it and the hammer devastated Asgard. Out of spite, Odin enchanted the hammer to prevent anyone else from using it. The hammer was in Asgard hidden and endured for millions of years. The storm of gods in the hammer died, but his power continued to reside in Mjölnir. And although the hammer was already very powerful, Odin cast other spells on it. He later killed the frost giant with the hammer Laufey.

Many years later the hammer became Odin's son Thor bequeathed after proving himself worthy through several tests. With a few exceptions, Mjölnir was mostly used by Thor. The history of the hammer follows that of Thor without exception. Though Asgard during Ragnarok was destroyed, both Thor and his hammer survived.

After during the Original Sin Events Nick Fury Whispered something in Thor's ear, Thor lost the dignity of lifting the hammer. He stayed on the moon for a few months until he got there Jane Foster found and could lift. She became the new Thor. The words Nick Fury Thor said back then was "Gorr was right."

● Official name: Mjolnir
● Alternative names: Mighty Mallet, Hammer, Mahjonner
● Inventor / Creator: Eitri, Brokk, Buri, Odin
● Place of creation: Nidavellir
● Current owner: Jane Foster [Thor]
● Former owners: Thor Odinson, Odin Borson, Eric Masterson and many more. [List below in the article]
● First appearance: Journey into Mystery # 83 [1962]

Note d. editorial staff: Many of the following skills and attributes were used only once or very rarely. How powerful Mjölnir and Thor actually are is also very dependent on the author of a series

● Properties & Attributes: Mjölnir was made from one piece Uru made, a powerful Asgardian metal that is susceptible to magic. Odin enchanted the hammer additionally, which made it practically indestructible. It can withstand extremely hot conditions, like the center of a sun, and withstand explosions that can destroy entire planets. Even the armor of the mighty space gods Celestials cannot withstand a blow with Mjolnir. A rare exception is Proto-Adamantium. Mjolnir even demonstrated the ability to project a temporary physical form capable of speaking. This apparently requires so much energy that Mjolnir can only repeat it every hundred years.

● Worthiness Charm: One of the hammer's most notable attributes is its Worthiness charm. This spell that surrounds Mjolnir prevents him from being used by persons or beings who are unworthy. However, those who are considered worthy of the hammer are able to use Thor's powers and fall back on countless mystical abilities and powers. This includes manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe, including the electromagnetic spectrum and gravity.

The spell is so powerful that it would work even if the hammer were split in two. Odin can also cancel this spell.

Mjölnir and its user share a mystical connection that enables the user to command the hammer. If the will of the user is strong enough, he can pass almost any barrier with the hammer, including that of time and room. Mjölnir will even make its way through the center of entire planets to return to its user.

● Skills:

  • Weather manipulation: With the help of Mjölnir, the user has the ability to understand the basic elements one Storm like to control wind, thunder, lightning etc. The user can create huge electrical storms with thunder, lightning, gusts of wind, tornadoes, snowstorms, tidal waves, heavy rain and even earthquakes. You can also stop and prevent these weather conditions immediately with the help of Mjölnir. Its user can generate storms on a planetary scale that are larger than the natural size of mother Nature go out. This also means that time storms, solar flares and powerful stellar winds can be generated in space.
  • Flying ability: Mjölnir's user is able to throw him with great force and fly through the air at enormous speed. So Thor should be able to fly three times the speed of light. The maximum speed should even exceed time and space.
  • Energy projection: Mjölnir can project powerful mystical bursts of energy. This also includes the mighty one God blast [see Thor].
  • Barriers: With Mjolnir, Thor is able to create strong barriers, force fields and vortices that are virtually impenetrable. Not even the most advanced weapons on earth could weaken Thor's barrier field. These vortices and barriers are so powerful that Thor was able to repel a bomb that would have destroyed one fifth of the Marvel Universe.
  • Energy recording: Mjolnir can see practically all types of energy. He reacts particularly strongly to psychic energy and supernatural energy. He can even track down people and mystical objects.
  • Absorption and redirection of energy: Thor can use Mjolnir to absorb energy beams fired at him and hurl them back at his opponent with even greater power. This is how he once absorbed the cosmic energy of Silver Surfer, Ultrons Energy source and also Magnetos personal magnetic field.
  • Teleportation: Thor is even able to do this by spinning Mjolnir quickly Wormholes to channel and open them up. For example, he can even teleport himself and others to other dimensions.
  • Manipulation of matter: Thor has the wood and iron body of the by a precise rotation at a certain speed Absorbing Man transformed into helium.
  • Revival: By precisely channeling his power through Mjolnir, Thor was able to revive a man he accidentally killed.
  • Cosmic Energy: Mjolnir allows Thor to generate and control Cosmic Energy to an unknown limit.
  • Electromagnetic spectrum manipulation: Thor could use the electromagnetic energies of the CelestialAbsorb and manipulate the mothership.
  • Invisibility and Inconceivability: Thor can make himself or others completely incomprehensible and / or invisible with the help of Mjolnir. With the help of this skill he can like the powers of heroes vision orShadowcat to disturb.
  • Repetition of events: Thor can use Mjolnir to show past events.
  • Absorption of the life force: Thor used this ability against the supervillain Presencewho was forced to surrender so as not to turn into a lifeless shell.
  • Illusion detection: Mjolnir can distinguish images, holograms and various illusions from reality: Thor once commanded the hammer to the demon lords Mephisto to beat who created illusions of himself.
  • Interdimensional communication: Thor can use Mjolnir to send psychic messages between the nine rich to send.
  • Religious object: As a former religious relic, Mjolnir is for Vampires fatal. Thor once threw Mjolnir at a vampire, which burned and broke to dust.

● Who could lift the hammer? [regular universe]:

  • Buri - Wonder Man - Bor - Awesome Andy- Odin - Air-Walker- Donald Blake [Thor] - Loki- Beta Ray Bill - Jane Foster - Red Norvell - Thunderstrike - Captain America

● Who could lift the hammer? [alternate universe]:

  • Conan the Barbarian - Black Widow - Bruce Banner [Batman] - Vision - Magneto - Rogue - Modes Thorson - Thorion - Gregory Stark [these are just a selection of the worthy.]

● Duplicates:

  • War hammer: An exact duplicate made by Mjölnir for Red Norvell.
  • Stormbreaker: The hammer of Beta Ray Bill
  • Thunderstrike: A magical club, the Thor Eric Masterson handed over.
  • Stormcaster: A hammer made by Loki that Storm [X-Men] was given.
  • Mjölnir replica: Created by Tony Stark, Reed Richards and the Hank Pym Skrull for the clay clone Ragnarok.

● Destruction:

  • In the Journey Into Mystery # 119 hit Mjölnir by a ray of Destroyer. The hammer broke in two, but became in Journey Into Mystery # 120 repaired. The Molecule Man changed the molecules and the matter of the hammer that was in the output Avengers # 215 turned to dust. In issue Avengers # 216 Mjölnir was restored.
  • In Thor # 388 became Mjölnir by the Celestials destroyed and in Issue # 389 restored from the very same.
  • In Thor Vol 2 # 10 becomes Mjölnir from the dark god Perricus cut in two. It was repaired one issue later.
  • While Ragnarok became Mjölnir fighting Lokis Troops in Thor Vol 2 # 80 destroyed. Only several issues later in Thor Vol 3 # 1 Mjölnir was restored.
  • In issue Thor # 600 became the hammer of boron destroyed. Doctor Strange channeled Thors Odinforce in the fragments and reconstructed it.

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