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Better than the permanent standstill of public life


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This alternation between lockdown and loosening is programmed and even for the economy it is probably better than the permanent and widespread standstill of public life. The learning processes of a safety culture that is emerging everywhere can only be continued in the phases of relaxation. So not lockdown or loosening, but different instruments that rely on different virtues and strategies - all in good time, which needs to be determined wisely.

Reason or denial? There is something in between

This also eliminates another pseudo alternative: either moderately sensible recognition of practical constraints or populist freedom and justice rhetoric. How did it come about that freedom and justice are almost exclusively spoken of by those who want to rebel against the allegedly freedom-robbing measures?

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This absolutely fatal situation results, among other things, from a phrase according to which we all have to make sacrifices so that a caring state can protect old and vulnerable people from the virus. This idiom has led some technocrats to plead for such a thorough isolation of the vulnerable population groups that all others no longer have to make sacrifices. Of course, this is not compatible with our sense of justice and is completely unnecessary. Everyone wants and should be able to live in freedom and participate in public life. And as always, the exercise of one's own freedom rights must not restrict the freedom of others.



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So that everyone can go into town and shop, the prerequisites have to be created, which include, among other things, that everyone wears a mask and complies with distance regulations. This is a traffic rule that enables all safety-conscious people to protect themselves from potentially infected people. And those who have a more carefree attitude must also adhere to traffic rules - namely, it also corresponds to their ideal of freedom that old and young, sick and healthy, cautious and carefree, can move around in public spaces without fear.

Health or freedom rights - also a pseudo alternative

The question of when it is time for a stricter lockdown and when it is time for an easing will also be about enabling free coexistence. The talk of caring for those in need of protection, which is often perceived as patronizing, is superfluous. This care results from the respect for the other and the desire to live together as freely and as well as possible. All citizens must be able to protect themselves, as far as it corresponds to their security needs, and thus they have a justified right to distance and mask in public space. This pseudo alternative is by no means valid: health rights or freedom rights.