What is the most attractive professional occupation

These professions have the greatest sex appeal

Opinions as to which professions are particularly sexy vary widely. After all, it is an individual matter and what some find attractive does not turn on others at all.

If we summarize the various survey results, it becomes clear that especially professions with professional reputation and good income have a high flirt factor and sex appeal. It is also popular with both sexes for men or women to take on a traditional professional role or to work in uniform.

Prestigious professions

For example, in its singles study last year, the partner exchange ElitePartner.de determined the professions that women find most attractive to men and, conversely, men to women. It was found that the professional status and educational background of both women and men still play the greatest role when it comes to choosing a partner.

The most attractive male professions are architects, doctors and entrepreneurs, each with over 50 percent, closely followed by lawyers and graphic designers. But the professions of artist, craftsman, university professor, teacher and educator are also among the top 10 female singles. When it comes to the most attractive female professions, doctors, nurses and entrepreneurs are way ahead, as are lawyers and architects. Places 6 to 10 are occupied by graphic artists, stewardesses, educators, artists and teachers who are rated as similarly attractive by male singles.

The professions with the greatest sex appeal are therefore not the professions that have something to do with sex or eroticism in the broadest sense or that have a high flirtation factor, but rather professions that are associated with success and high income. Craftsmen, artists and educators are not necessarily one of them, but they are professions that have a practical use in terms of help in the household and raising children. Because partners are sought above all "at eye level"who have the same level of education, pursue similar professional and private interests and with whom man or woman can imagine a future together. According to a recent survey by the Playboy, over 80 percent of all men and women even reject a partner who works in the red light district.

Typically female and male professions

In addition to status and education, traditional role models are also a decisive aspect of what is perceived as sexy: women should above all "Female" and take over service activities in all respects. Men should against it "real men" and be able to work hard at work and at home. These are the results of at least one study carried out by the dating agency LOVEPOINT in 2008. According to this, men are particularly interested in occupations with women that have less to do with professional success and are more “typically female” occupations - for example stewardess, hostess, secretary or nurse. Women, on the other hand, like men in “typically male” professions such as captain, police officer, bodyguard and firefighter. According to a survey conducted by the Playboy in 2003, this also includes well-trained football professionals à la David Beckham.

Professions in uniform

It is also noticeable that both genders find jobs in uniforms sexy. Above all, women seem to like the fact that men in uniform like captains and firefighters, but also doctors in their white coats, embody a certain power. Men, on the other hand, seem to find stewardesses or nurses particularly attractive because their outfit looks a bit innocent and arouses protective instincts. The common clichés from film and television are most likely to blame for this. Women may think of George Clooney as a doctor in "Emergency Room", Men maybe to TV nurses lounging like Pamela Anderson in a skimpy costume on the chief doctor's desk. It remains to be seen whether reality is always just as sexy and invites you to flirt.


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