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The WaldMobil in your (summer) holiday program

Current information on the Corona crisis:

Our summer holiday programs with the WaldMobiles should also take place in 2021 and give children special experiences in the forest. Especially in these times, we hope to be able to contribute to a wonderful summer vacation time with our forest educational and adventure-oriented programs. We will take into account the special requirements of Corona and comply with all applicable legal requirements and comply with the required measures. This also means that we may replace individual elements within programs with others. If, due to legal requirements - or current developments - it is not possible to hold the events, you can of course cancel them free of charge.

We have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept for the implementation of summer vacation programs. You can download it here >> WaldMobil hygiene concept (PDF 200 kb)

Our WaldMobile visit your Waldheim, your outskirts recreation or your holiday camp and offer the participating children with varied programs - in addition to fun and adventures - an insight into the diversity and interrelationships of this fascinating living space. For your holiday program, we have developed our own forest experiences that rely heavily on experiences and team activities. You can choose from various suggestions. Below are brief descriptions and some picture impressions.

The little robber multiplication table (elementary school age)

In order to learn how to do little robbery things, the children slip into the role of forest robbers. The task is to decipher secret predator symbols and to put the broken pieces of the multiplication table back together again. In order to get possession of the individual parts, the children have to demonstrate the most important predatory virtues such as courage, cunning or speed and pass exciting tests together. For example, stealing silver spoons from the castle's treasury, negotiating the dangerous moat, setting up a forest warehouse and forest food supplies and always keeping an eye on the gendarmes. When the little robber multiplication tables are put together and learned, all children will of course receive a robber diploma!

Stone Age voyage of discovery - only for brave mammoth hunters! (Primary school age)

In this program, the WaldMobil becomes a time machine. The children travel together to a bygone era: the Stone Age! In the footsteps of mammoths, cave bears & Co, we make many new discoveries and get to know the life of a Stone Age child. Together the children find answers to various questions: How did people hunt in the forest back then? How did they live together How did they start a fire? After returning to our present day, all children will receive a certificate for successfully completing this exciting Stone Age adventure.

Forest animals - On the trail of the Ā»perpetratorsĀ« (elementary school age)

Who knows how the squirrel prepares for winter and what a wild boar fur feels like? If you want to find out, you should take part in this exciting program. The children learn a lot about forest animals and how to "find out" them in a playful way. Finally, of course, everyone receives a certificate of appointment as a "forest detective".

Steinkriecher, Saftkugler & Co - A research adventure in the forest floor (elementary school age)

This program is about small and very small living things in the forest. We see very few of them when we stroll through the forest, because they live in and on the forest floor, between leaves and in rotten wood. Equipped with research cases, the children go on an expedition together and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the animals that live in the forest floor. What is scurrying and crawling there? Where and how can you best find the animals? And why are these small creatures so important for the health and survival of the forest? After these questions have been answered, all children are given a certificate of appointment as a "forest detective".

The Forest Indians (primary school age)

How did the Native Americans used to live? How could you survive in the wild? In this program, the children slip into the role of Indians and get to know their way of life. Reading tracks, war paint, archery are just as much a part of it as sneaking up in the open country. But the forest Indian tribe is threatened. Smugglers want to steal one of their most precious treasures. This must be prevented!

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